A Little Love [a series with heart]

Hello dear friends. In anticipation of Valentine's Day I thought I'd ask a few bloggers to be part of a series sharing something short and sweet about love. I left it entirely up to them- such fun.
First up is Jen of MadeByGirl and Cocoa&Hearts. Oh how I admire this girl.

Jen Ramos on Love: 

This Valentine's Day my husband & I celebrate our love and 15 yrs together. 
Still in love & grateful that God has brought us together & many good things have come out of our relationship. We hope not only to continue to love each other, but to bless others with love. 

Thanks Jen. xo


  1. Love that you're sharing an uplifting post when so many other blogs are sharing shopping lists + love Jen and this glimpse in her life. xx

  2. I love love!!! Great post. Can't wait for more on this : )

  3. Erica, Thank you so much...its always nice to see something nice about my marriage :) xoxoxo happy vday!

  4. Love this! Looking forward to more. :)


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