Oh Marilyn

Hello lovers. It happens rarely, but I actually had some kid free time today. I treated myself to an uninterrupted viewing of 'My Week With Marilyn'. I painted my nails and sipped gerolsteiner out of a champagne glass- old movie queen style and for a short while felt distinguished. Keeping with the theme, I then leafed through this beautiful book I'd picked up some time ago. I enjoyed it so much. It's jam packed with personal letters, photos and Marilyn's actual documents. Interesting to snoop through. 
I took this picture to do the post first and noticed a few comments about the necklace after. With regards to the necklace, it's likely my most adored accessory. 
For those who asked, here's where the above goodies are from:


  1. Thanks for posting this after I asked about it in your instagram comments. Going to order for valentines!!!!!!! squeeeee!

  2. That's great.
    Glad to be of help. :)

  3. That necklace is awesome!

    Rachel Ashley

  4. Beautiful neckpiece but sold out before I was able to order. So sad. x KL

  5. Exciting news.....for me! The beautiful necklace is back in stock, ordered and being shipped to me in Australia! Woo hoo! X kl


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