Good Stuff + Stylist Secret [Drapery Edition]

Hello my favourites. It's Thursday! I'm feeling like it's already the weekend. I'm headed out with a fun friend tonight to a place that I haven't been to before. Then just coasting through Friday. Yay!

Good Stuff:
I have a case of the winter blahs and have been doing some serious online browsing. I came across these drapery panels last night and adored them. Here's why-

a) I think they'd be versatile enough to be distinguished or fun in lots of different spaces.

b) I'm all for doing pre-made when you find something fabulous, especially at this price point. It just saves time and money.

c) I love getting stuff in the mail.

Stylist Tip:

I prefer the look of pinch pleat over  pole pockets any day. You can achieve a pleated look with a less expensive pole pocket drape panel yourself. Here's what I do: 

1. Once I have my panels. I pick up inexpensive drapery fabric hooks at any fabric/hardware supplier. There are many types and depending on the fabric I've always found staff to be informative and helpful about what the best choice would be. At the same time pick up the corresponding number of drapery rings and make sure that they will fit over the rod you intend to use. 

2. I evenly distribute the hooks by first folding the panel in half vertically and placing hooks on the outer corners and the centre. I refold the second two vertical sections and it's easier from there to evenly distribute the remaining hooks. 

3. More hooks will give a more gathered feel whereas less may tend to droop at the top depending on the size of the panel and window. 

Here are two visuals. Please excuse my quick sketch but at least it gets across the idea. 
 There you have it. 
Until the next time. xo


  1. i like those! - added tassel "makes" them

  2. i also fell for these exact draperies in the newest Serena & Lily catalog! i have added ikea gathering tape for adding drapery hooks, but never realized you can just attach them directly to the tabs on draperies. thanks!

  3. i don't understand what you did- are the hooks just forced through the fabric?

  4. Those rings in the last picture... would you be so kind as to share the source?

  5. Such a great post, thank you for sharing!

  6. Leah- I think the tape is great too, especially if you can sew. ;)

    Anon- Yes.The hooks were inserted directly in to the fabric. Just make sure you don't pierce the outer layer.

    Katie- the rings in the last picture were purchased at Rona. I've also found them at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Lowes. Sometimes now I only see the ones with the clip but you can put the hook through the ring that hold the clip on too. Hope this helps and makes sense. Also the rings are almost always available at your local sewing/decor store that carries drapery hardware.

  7. I do the same thing. If I am feeling really energetic I will buy double the drapes and make pinch pleats!

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