Friday Funday

I love Friday. Really, don't we all? It's the one day of the week that's full of excitement and yet the yummiest sense of relief. It's taco night here and then a movie.

Fridays make me feel playful, so I'm sharing some totally unrelated images that to me just conveyed a sense of fun... enjoy.
Dressing up a fab pajama top. Fun!
I dressed up one of mine back in jan 11 for a dinner date with Mr. Thomas Smythe. (here)
A photo shoot with my fab 5 in the neon boneyard one day. Fun!

A ride on this splendid beauty. Truly such majestic creatures.
So much FUN!

Happy Friday Loves! What are you all getting up to with your bad selves tonight?

1 comment:

  1. Love these images! so much fun and color. No big plans for me this weekend. Looks like my little guys might have the flu :( extra cuddles all around.


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