Framed Agate Trivet Tutorial

Like anyone else, I'm always delighted when someone likes my idea. After receiving several emails and one IG link to a follower's own version of these with coasters, I thought I'd share a tutorial on how to make them yourself.

   1. Agate Slice: Mine are 7-8" in diameter and approx. 1" thick, from Anthropologie 3-4 years back and are gone, however, they have petrified wood now- here, similar ones can be found here: Jayson HomeGum Tree. Also sliced petrified wood pieces at Jayson Home. (*if sourcing slice elsewhere remember to confirm that depth is not too thick to fit in the frame!)

   2. Frame: I used Ikea's Ribba Shadow box frame to allow for the depth of the stone. Here. Michael's is also a good source for shadow box frames.
   3. Set Up: Disassemble frame and paint smooth side of back board. I used flat paint in creamy white (Behr Clear Moon) and applied with a mini foam roller. A corner of the backing board is cut off. Don't worry as it will disappear when you use the matting supplied. Wait at least 24 hrs for the paint to cure before moving on to next step. *Also I left the centre unpainted where the glue would be applied so that the glue adheres directly to the board. 

   4. Placement: To glue the Trivet on the back board I used a heavy duty construction adhesive.

 This is really important because you don't want the weight of the stone to overpower a glue with a lesser bond and fall apart in the frame. I applied a liberal coating. Squeezing the glue out like a toothpaste tube I kept it within an inch boarder of the outside of the stone to minimize the risk of it leaking out the sides.
Before setting the agate on the back board I applied painters tape in a cross pattern so that I could properly align the stone in the very centre of the frame. I flipped the matt over, used it as a template and drew pencil ticks in the correspnding cross section. I lined these up carefully and set the stone in place. If you should need to shift it slightly don't worry, you'll be able to, but you won't want to play with it too much and risk the bond not setting. At this stage I let the glue set up and cure for at least 48 hrs. It's worth the wait to ensure the quality of the bond. 

   5. Assemble Frame. 

   6. Hang: I used two hooks for each frame to appropriately distribute the weight. 

   7. Stand back and admire!
Sorry for the poor quality photo. It was difficult to take with the light today. It gives you the idea closer up. Good luck if you decide to make these. Please be sure to share how they turn out. 


  1. I love these! I finally put mine together with coasters this past weekend. I love how they turned out!

  2. Okay these look so expensive but are far from. I might have to try my hand at them! Will let you know if I do :).

  3. Love it! Can't wait to do this in my new home :)


  4. Oh I love simple, yet CLASSY DIY projects like this! I would have loved the agate as a trivet or framed like this. Kudos for thinking of it!

    Much Love,

  5. LOVE this! They look so beautiful in your living room!

  6. i actually have a TON of those - i use them as coasters - but cute idea to frame :o)

  7. Last month while at the museum I saw some agate slices at the gift shop and thought of doing this, never would have thought that it would look so good! I might give this a go ;)

  8. Seriously thinking about trying this, Thanks for the tutorial!

  9. OK I am in love wiht these!!!!!!! They look amazing in your room. I really really want to do this. xoxo

  10. How exciting! I can't wait to try this, I think I may have seen this in one of the backgrounds of one of your instagrams and instantly thought "wow, how neat, where did she find that..." I love the display of rocks. Now I can make my own~ thanks!

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