Dear Saturday,

Sweet Saturday, I think I'll stay here later today and catch up on a little reading, snuggling, and maybe even some shared waffles with my smallest side kick.
rumpled bed - Rita Konig for T Magazine
Later I'll put on red lipstick and heels to head out with some fun people for popcorn and the big screen. 
I've heard Silver Linings Playbook is great and I really can't wait. 

What does Saturday have in plan for you? Whatever it is, I hope it's good. xo


  1. I went to a rugby match that was then cancelled due to severe weather conditions after all that effort getting there to watch my son. Back for a takeaway . Then light some candles pour a glass of wine and snuggle up and devour your great blog which I just came across and cheer myself up. Have a fun filled weekend

  2. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Saturday! I lounged a little longer in bed .... So far my day is turning out to be fabulous. Have a great weekend!

  3. Oop- hope you love that movie as much as I did. Have a fun night on the town!

  4. Silver Linings Playbook is so good! I treated myself to a Sunday matinee last week and had a blast! Tonight? Homemade pizza & cocktails sounds great : )

  5. I went to see this over the weekend and loved it! Hope you got a chance to go. xo

  6. I love reading what everyone got up to for their weekend. I did see the movie and loved it too. :)


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