Dear Saturday,

I may start the day late with lovely hot bath. Please afford me the time to paint some happy toes. 
I will bake a cake with my boys and eat more than I should. 
I'll go to bed early and read something great.
Until next week Saturday... thanks for being gentle and kind. xo
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PS- what did Saturday bring for you?


  1. Sounds wonderful to me!
    We were blessed with sunny warm weather so long strolls, a little shopping, and movie night:)
    Cheers to the weekend!

  2. Blissful little day! My Saturday was lighting a log fire, baking bread & butter pudding then a trip to the movies with my daughter to see the wonderful les miserables!! Perfect little day, Hope your day was wonderful! AngIe x

  3. A late morning with coffee on the porch, lunch with mom, and an afternoon watching classic 80's movies like Dirty Dancing and Sixteen Candles.

  4. The best saturday!! I went to West Elm, the market, and Target to pick up some odds and ends for my new apartment. Now relaxing and eating dinner!! xoxo

  5. You've got good style, goes without saying...this extends to your Saturday planning! :)

    My Saturday brought the ordination of a lovely new priest to our Episcopal Diocese...followed by things that look more like that of your Saturday plans!

  6. Saturday left me bitter as my packers lost. The sports bar got quiet very fast lol. I even went to a bucks game friday and we lost then. Not a good wknd for wisconsin sports

  7. Part of my dear Saturday bliss is taking a moment and reading about what everyone else is doing. Thanks for sharing my sweet friends. xoxo


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