I LOVE Marble Paper

I'm still on a roll and decided much too late last night that I'd tackle a DIY. I raced to Home Depot before they closed and bought wallpaper paste and cracked out the marbled paper I've been hoarding for my china cabinets.
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 I couldn't be more in love with this stuff and kind of want to cover everything with it right now. Easy Erica. Anyways, hope you're all having a fantastic day. xo


Spring Fever

I can't help myself at this time of year. I feel cooped up and always start attacking my home in an effort to brighten up for spring. My living room was the target this weekend. I've had the art piece below (giant chess knight) for years. LOVE him. I moved him and the painting above from another room. The painting is coincidentally called 'All Is Bright' and was actually used in this Sarah Richardson Design show installation here.
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Then this designers guild cushion found it's way home with me. If it doesn't brighten things up nothing will. I enlisted my boys to help move all of the furniture. They LOVE doing these sorts of things on a Sunday afternoon. Well maybe not. But a bit of bribery with video games doesn't hurt right? Oh, and we saw the Hunger Games. Loved it! Hope your weekend was a good one too! xo



I'm delighted that it's warm enough here today to wear new my Tory Burch flats. They've been sitting in my closet all winter waiting to be brought out on the first sunny day. 
Also a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my eldest boy, Connor. He was the very best first day of spring delivery I could ever ask for. Love you CC! xoxo


Monday Monday

Hello lovers. Life has been so busy but generally awesome lately. Do you ever have those times when everything seems to fall in to place? I have this amazing sense of clarity and strength, and good things are happening... one of those things being a massive closet overhaul. It was long overdue and the results are making me crazy happy.
I swapped closets and paired everything by colour on one side and hung all the black and white on the other. Here's peek at what it turned out like. I'm kinda in love.
getting ready for spring...a little colour vignette in my closet
Most of all it felt great to give away clothes I wasn't using to someone who could. I feel like I have a wardrobe whittled down to the pieces I absolutely love... no filler. And who knows, it never hurts to make some room for the new spring things that just happen my way, right?
Happy Monday! xo


Every Voice Makes a Difference

I've never used Moth Design to spread a word or message but today I'd like to do just that and I ask you, to keep in mind this is something that my whole family feels very passionately about.
The UN has stated years ago that the situation in Uganda is the worst humanitarian crisis today. A rebel army called the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army), run by a man named Joseph Kony, literally steals children in the night.
This is my name campaign dog tag that I've been wearing since 2005. It bears the name of a Ugandan child, Walter O. aged 12. I've often wondered what happened to Walter, while looking at my own boys wistfully, and have felt overwhelmed with gratitude that I can provide them with something as simple as a safe place to sleep.

Please take a minute to watch this video... if you don't already know about the LRA and the crisis in Uganda this video will explain and, at the very least will give you that overwhelming gratitude as well. 

 If you've already seen this video a million times in the last few days sorry, but I really felt I needed to share with those who haven't. This is one of those times when you can actually make a difference by signing a pledge here. If you wish, you can donate here, or visit the shop here.
Share the video link on your facebook page. Tweet about it. Again, this is one time that maybe just maybe, together, we can make a difference. Thanks for letting me share that! Love and peace to all. xo

Psssst I'm Over Here.....

Hello Lovers! I am pleased to be participating in the My Favourite Room series, over at Sadie and Stella today, especially considering they are a favourite read! So pop by and say hello. Looking forward to seeing you there. xo


Champagne and Aged Bronze

I'm obsessed with these images. You know you must really love the styling of something when you repeatedly visit your pinterest files. Love the colorways, the textures, everything. And with that, I'll wish you a happy Tuesday! xo
 Love the make-up and styling.
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