Pssst... I'm Over Here

Happy Tuesday Lovers! I've missed you all... life has been a little messy lately. Anywhooo, I'm  over La Dolce Vita today doing Paloma's Dream Home series! Lucky me. It was such a fun post to pull together and quite a blessing in the sense that I had to ponder what I would like in a future home but also had the pleasure of seeing many of the things I would hope for are already in my current home. I realized that a gallery wall is part of what makes my home a dream home. Simple, but definitely a pleasure.
Well, my sweet friends pop over and see me... and thanks to Paloma for having me. She is so lovely. xo


The Art of Display

I love playing with vignettes in my home. Sometimes it's almost as satisfying as a nap. What are you up to today? Happy Saturday! xo
images moth design


Guess Who?

Me! In Tracey Ayton's portfolio. Funny, seeing my home through her eyes and her extraordinary talent makes me love my home in a completely new way. Just thought I'd share. Happy Friday! xo



Happy New Year!

I'm so excited for the promise of 2012 and am looking forward to making it my best year yet. My goal is to build a big beautiful life this year.
I have a dear friend who picks a word as her resolution every year. I was inspired by this idea and words in the Arcade Fire song, Rebellion: 
"Sleeping in is giving in, no matter what the time is. Sleeping in is giving in, so lift those heavy eyelids."
Not literally about sleeping in, I'm looking at the metaphor for striving to live a life in which I'm awake and present, setting goals that I achieve, and in the words of Oprah living my best life.
So here goes,
1. At the top of my list the word organize. I'm learning that an orderly home lessens my stress considerably. Visually interesting organization is best because I'm such a visual person, and also because my second word is....
2. Fabulous. Yes that's right. I will strive to be fabulous every day... even on Sundays hanging with my family, without makeup and in sweats (they will be fabulous sweats!) I will indulge my glamourous side and wear more sequins and sparkle, more ruffles, I will wear my tutu out with my prada over-the-knee socks!

{this is glamorous}
3. I will strive to celebrate the everyday in this beautiful life I'm building with my amazing boys...
4. 'Life is full of little pleasures.' I will take the time to enjoy them. I rarely take time for myself and I'm learning that my heart is like a well that must be filled in order to continue to give so generously.

Life is Full of Little Pleasures
5. Strung lights outside. I've wanted them for years. What am I waiting for?!
Pinned Image
6. I will call my Mum more. The time zones and chaos of being a single mum with 5 boys means I don't talk to her often. Thank goodness she loves me and understands that sometimes I just have nothing left to give. (I'll call my Dad too- no sweet images Dad, sorry)
7. I will learn to trust again, but I will also learn from my mistakes and will surround myself with excellent people. Life is too short not to. 2011 did yield some amazing new friends... I'm sure 2012 will too! Most important, I will cherish the amazing friends who've been there for years, who've shielded me with an outstretched wing over the recent hard times when I needed it most. You know who you are and I love you dearly. xx

8. I'll sing more. It fills my heart with joy.
9. Ditto with painting and jewelry making. Happy happy heart. (images below moth design 1 & 2)
10. I will finally buy the vintage  bike  I've wanted so badly. Again, why haven't I yet?
So, there you have it. That's all I can think of for now and that's a lot. What about you? Do you have any resolutions for the new year or words that you focus on? 
I want to wish each an every one of you a wonderful year in 2012. I hope that the year delivers all of your hopes and desires. As always, thanks so much for joining me! Love to all. xoxo
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