Update and a Birthday

Hello loves! I wanted to extend my most heartfelt thanks for all of the well wishes expressed for Carter. He is pretty much back to normal and hopefully will not suffer any permanent residual effects. Connor is still in a cast for another 3 weeks but at least he doesn't need surgery. I'm beyond grateful that the worst is over from that regard. 
So, boy 4, Ethan, had his 12th birthday last week. His party was summer themed, complete with beach balls,  pails, pinwheels and gingham. I really do LOVE a good party set up. So much fun. We did a mexican feast as well, like only the Cook family can.
Aren't these cupcakes amazing? Thanks to Crave Cupcakes Calgary. Shout outs to Tim and Sarah who helped load me up for Ethan's birthday. Those apple cupcakes worked wonders for my colour scheme.
The birthday boy.
Setting up before Ethan is home from school.
Little LL urging Ethan to share his presents. 
Happy 12th Ethan!
Things are feeling peaceful enough in our house now, with everyone well, that I can focus on interior projects again. I'll keep you all posted. xo


  1. happy birthday to your sweet boy!!

  2. So glad everyone is on the road to recover at your house!!

    What a beautiful birthday set up, who doesnt love a Mexican feast??

  3. So glad all is well! You look fabulous- as always and your boys are cuties!

  4. So excellent! And I am curious what the hot momma bought her adorable boy for his b-day :)

  5. Lili, Lindsey, Tiffany- Thanks loves! xo
    Courtney... Thanks. :) Ethan got the nerf gun he's been coveting. He will also be the recipient of a new bike this week. Happy summer days! xo

  6. Happy Birthday! Loving the decorations. The colours are great! Where did you get them?

  7. Great news about the boys! And Happy Birthday to Ethan! The birthday set up looks fab! And you look beautiful too (as usual)!

  8. So cute, Erica. Such a darling setup. Happy Birthday, Ethan!

  9. Oh my dear.....wow what a lovely set-up for a party....
    You look gorgeous & serene.
    Glad things are feeling more peaceful and that you will be back to your fun interior projects.

  10. Love your blog!!! I just wanted to ask where on earth did you find that white media cabinet?? The one your tv is sitting on top of?? I just love it...it's striking!!!

  11. So glad all is well!!! My goodness ...... Lolly looks like a big guy now with his nice preppy collar up. A big Happy Birthday to Ethan. You look fabulous as always, my love.

  12. so glad to hear the boys are at speedy recovery mode and may Ethan's birthday marking all the goodness to come to the Cook family.

    Hugz Erica!

  13. Looks like the BEST party! So happy to hear your darling boys are well and you look fabulous as always! xo

  14. Happy birthday Ethan :)

    Love the set up and all <3


  15. Your boys are so precious! What a beautiful party. These are the things they'll remember. (If not, you've got it all well documented ;)

    PS Love your top with and red lips


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