Friday Files

As written late Friday night. (but never posted because things were so crazy)  I thought I'd catch your eye first with this counter top pretty so that you weren't scared off by the blackberry dog wizard below.
Nothing currently to report here from a mind blowing interior/fashion regard.
It has been a gong show of sick kids.
Eldest boy, Connor, of course not so much a child, but rather a man-child, has a fractured ankle, with dr's orders to remain completely immobile. Stir crazy doesn't even come close for him.
Second child, Carter was seriously ill with an acute abscess in his head behind his ear, facial paralysis, hearing loss, loss of balance, etc. The solution was a little emergency surgery + hearty rounds of IV antibiotics and steroids, and a short hospital stay.
Third child, Riley is a working machine and is never home.
Fourth, Ethan (aka squidward) is currently blowing away on clarinet, sounding like a dying goat.
Fifth LL, has black fingernails, needs a bath, is currently snapping a million pictures on his old blackberry (closeups of dog fur and other important things) He needs to be put to bed.
 Molly Pepper Plum- Cook family dog, is an obedient model. (as seen above)

We have been through far worse from a health perspective, but this is a good reminder that without your health you really have nothing. And seriously, thank goodness I have blogging. Writing to all of you has helped in far darker hours than any of you even know. This is my moment in my office alone to connect with all of you and have a little escape. Thanks for that. xo

So in the meantime that I am off tending to sick boys and the necessary running this entails, I will leave you with this pretty that I'll call my 4 new faves...

Got this in NY. I feel like a total bad ass in this t-shirt, not sure why, but suffice is to say I do. via


This needs to get on my wrist. Aren't elephants good luck?! Me needs it! via

A soak in this delicious smelling cocktail restores my sanity, well, momentarily that is. via

I think I need to order this. I've been loving on it for a few days now. via

This is all I have for you right now. Hopefully some exciting things going on around here in the next little while. Just need things with these boys to settle down. 


  1. Oh my goodness Erica- sooooo sorry about all the sickness- Carter especially- so scary...VERY happy to hear he's on the mend. On the + side of things, ADORE that t-shirt of yours- think I need that one too:)

  2. Good luck with all the sickies! You sound like one busy lady!!! I am SO going to buy that Club Monaco shirt cause it is def bad ass! Have a great day, beautiful!!

    And I have about 12694698413 Philosophy body washes in my shower. My boyfriend says he thinks it's ridiculous buit I kind of think he loves it. They are a little luxury I cannot live without on the day to day. I will have to try this new scent!

    holly foxen wells

  3. Oh my gosh, you've had your hands full! I'm glad things are hopefully settling down. I seriously lol'ed at the aka Squidward remark - that paints a clarinet playing picture ;o)

    PS - I adore that t-shirt and elephant bangle, gorgeous! Here's to an uneventful (healthwise) rest of the month!

  4. Being the mother of twin sons....I have had more than my share of emergencies and we say often that they are our miracles.....and I also feel that certain blips in the road deserve special treats - so go ahead and get that shirt after your soak. I bet all heads turn on you and your gorgeous boys in the er.

  5. Aww! I just want to fly up there and give you a hug! I hope the littles get better soon! In the meantime, I hope you find some time to use that entire bottle of Philosophy- which I need to buy!

  6. Good luck to you and I hope they are better soon! My 14 year old son also has a fractured ankle and it makes for a long summer! His 11 year old brother asked "did your friends abandon you?" - 14 year old boys not being creatures of empathy!

  7. These are fabulous distractions! Hope things calm down over there soon Erica!

  8. wow! my best wishes for a return to good health for your boys and ALL of your family. donna

  9. Wow!! Praying for a quick & healthy recovery!! Love that elephant bracelet!!


  10. hahha omggggggg. Cannot believeeee the timing of all of that. Seriously, ridiculous. As much as I wish you and yours well, I did sincerely enjoy reading that post. Wishing those boys a speedy recovery!!

  11. Oh man Erica. I don't know how you do it all! I wish your boys a speedy recovery! And I just love that your 5th is snapping photos. They surely keep everyone entertained!
    p.s. I NEED that Cabana Girl shower gel. I haven't seen it before!

  12. Like your new shirt. You ARE so hard core and at the same time beyond beautiful and talented. Those boys are the luckiest to have such a strong mother... I must get me that shirt.

  13. That counter top is beautiful - straight out of a magazine! Loving that elephant bracelet too!

  14. Hang in there my dear! Things will get better and hope all of your boys will be back to their old selves in no time. Love that little Molly Pepper Plum, too cute! xo

  15. goodness, I dont know how you do it! I have 3 boys and they are crazy busy enough! I bow to you! I hope Carter is feeling much better and things are getting back to normal for him. LOVE the t and most definitely will have to give that bubble bath a try....because sanity seems to be drifting away every so often lately ;) cheers!

  16. Best of luck! These things always come at the same time don't they? Yes, you deserve a treat or two! xx

  17. oh Erica! You are such a strong mom! and I'm sure you and your boys will get over this very soon, wishing Carter a speedy recovery! Sending you lots of love and hugs

  18. Just saw this. ... I'm so sorry to hear the news about your kids. Glad to hear Carter is recovering. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for him and for Connor.

    Big big hug

  19. Definitely putting that bracelet and Cabana Girl shower gel on my favorites list! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Oh my. Totally cracked me up. Hope all of your boys get better soon.

  21. I just signed up to receive your post via email. My life has been so nuts (can't complain to you!) that I never get to check my blogroll. But I'm a slave to email. Don't want to miss another post.


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