Poster Child

I used to have a small collection of vinyl. It was thrown out, (not by me) in one of life's moves. It would have been pretty awesome to frame my faves. I was way too poor at the time.

I came across these show posters available through La La Land Posters by artist Kii Arens. They popped up on My Habit yesterday. Bat for Lashes is a music fave...I think the popsicle one could be sweet in a kids room. I have all the art my walls can take, so for now, I'll have to wait. 

 I kinda love them though. Happy Wednesday!
Is it bad that I start getting excited about the weekend on Tuesday?


  1. Such a cool looking collection! Love how they displayed them. And yes...I'm ready for the weekend already too. Haha :)

  2. Love the wall of white frames!! Way cool ~

  3. Oh I think these are so cute! Would be so fresh in a teenaged boys room. And no, I start counting down to Friday night every Monday morning ; ) Happy Thursday, Erica! (Ps. I just had to look at my calendar to make sure it was Thursday... wow, what a week!)

  4. A really great idea to inject color in a space!

  5. Woah, what a cool idea. My husband and I run a food and music site and have a pretty massive record collection. We keep talking about doing something like this and I love how it looks!


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