No Regrets

Sentiments for a perfect Monday. My weekend was extremely fruitful from an accomplishment perspective. We all need that sometimes. With regards to the second image, are you as obsessed with seeing WE as I am? xo
"regret nothing"
in the words of ├ędith piaf.
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  1. Well hello my pretty! Sorry we missed each other in Calgary. My trip was an insane one. I do hope that I see you and Melissa on my next one. I want those cookies. Matter fact, that latte too ..... Big hugs E!

  2. T- We will for sure make plans for the next time around. I've been meaning to text and ask how the trip was. It's been insane busy around here too. I will really look forward to that girl time in May (if it happens then) xoxo

  3. Great post! Love the pictures. Nothing wrong with a jam packed weekend

  4. really loving these pictures! & i love when i have a weekend that i don't want to end. glad yours was amazing :)

    xx, ashlyn


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