Pssst... I'm Over Here

Happy Tuesday Lovers! I've missed you all... life has been a little messy lately. Anywhooo, I'm  over La Dolce Vita today doing Paloma's Dream Home series! Lucky me. It was such a fun post to pull together and quite a blessing in the sense that I had to ponder what I would like in a future home but also had the pleasure of seeing many of the things I would hope for are already in my current home. I realized that a gallery wall is part of what makes my home a dream home. Simple, but definitely a pleasure.
Well, my sweet friends pop over and see me... and thanks to Paloma for having me. She is so lovely. xo


  1. Hey Gorgeous
    I popped over to LA DOLCE VITA and saw the photos ....... I didn't expect any less and see the similarities in your home. The black and whites are what catches my eye and those barn doors by the barbecue ........ I pinned that pic off of Pinterest a few months ago. Serious eye candy for sure, lover.

  2. LOVED your dream home over there sweetie!! I had sooo much fun putting together a post for her series, I just love dreaming. Def one of my fav series in blogland!

    Hope you are doing well, big HUGS from Vancity :)
    Nancy xo

  3. LOVE your dream home choices! Looks perfect to me!

  4. LOVED your post...congrats on such a great guest feature


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