Sweet Sunday

I've really needed a little break and today is the day. So far the day has been nothing short of delicious, starting with the best latte...
then a neighbour gave me the loveliest white and crimson peonies...
a little later I'm going to work on pulling together some details like my bar cart...
What does your Sunday include? Hoping it's a good one. xo
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  1. Is this your personal bar cart? Goodness - It's stocked! I'd love to come for 5pm cocktails at your place.
    You should do a post on the perfect items for your bar cart! I have a high desire to have a stocked bar cart. you've sure got a good one.

  2. What a wonderful Sunday. I've been working in my yard preparing my flower gardens for a party in 2 weeks...so hot in NC!!

  3. Hilary, you make me laugh. This isn't my cart, but I will be sure to post a picture of mine. To be honest, if it doesn't sound like boasting, I have even cooler stuff and for the record, wish I lived closer because I'd love to help out with yours too! :)

    Design Chic, I'm truly hoping you post images of your gardens and your party. I bet it will be splendid. :)

  4. That bar cart is amazing!!! I cannot wait to move into my house so I can get one and assemble such great party items!
    I have a totally random question! I was looking at your office post and absolutly LOVE your white desk that sits below the window. Can you please share where that desk is from? It's exactly what I am looking for for my place. I have found similiar ones but yours looks much larger (which is what I need).
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Enjoy your break! It sounds wonderful!

  6. I can't wait to see your bar cart- pretty sure it will be even more fabulous than that one. The latte and peonies are both delicious looking!!

  7. Hey Label Snob, sent you an email regarding the desk, hope you get that.
    Emily, thanks, I really need a break more than words can describe. :)
    Christine, The peonies were such a sweet surprise, and I've just discovered the very best latte at the calgary farmers market. I think it may even be better than Balzac's! :)
    xo lovelies!

  8. Loving that bar - very well stocked ; )

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  10. I got a leaf design in my cappuccino this past weekend too.
    p.s. The peonies are gorgeous.

  11. Hi! I never got the email about the desk :(
    Could you try sending again? Email is labelsnobblog@gmail.com
    Many thanks!

  12. weird?! ok, I'll resend right away. :)

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