Summer's Charm

I've always loved all things summer. Sometimes I wonder how I ended up in a province where summer is so short... if it comes at all. I find myself sighing as I look at this artist's rendering dress.
What I wouldn't do for a romantic little picnic in this beauty....
I've been on the hunt for a classic bike for a few years now... perhaps this is the summer I'll find one.

(via abbysharp)
I'm determined to finish landscaping my home. There's nothing like a little oasis in your own yard.
Oh, and to my boys, perhaps I'll even get those garland lights that I talk about non stop. 
What romantic summer notions do you dream of?


  1. Wouldn't that be nice?? As for the garland lights- I LOVE them!! I have them hanging around in my backyard. There is nothing prettier at night!

  2. Angie, I know! I really need them. I have the over sized decks, I just need the upright supports to hang them from. It has seemed a little beyond my expertise but I may have to make it happen. Stay tuned! :)

  3. oh i just love summer! i dream of days on the beach and dining alfresco at night...and country outdoor concerts!

  4. Jamie, yes, yes and yes! No beaches here. I really miss the water. I'll have to add that to my summer list... visit a beach somewhere!

  5. Erica you chose the most beautiful images of summer fun. I'm like you, I dream of being on the water just floating about in a lazy fashion. Void of bugs, over 100* temps and cell reception.
    I hope you get those lights up, your yard landscaped, your canoe ride and your bicycle. Above all, I hope you have some magnificent summer memories with your men. x Deb

  6. oh i love summer - at the beach - bon fires - lights in the trees - night time BBQ's - swimming in the dark - ect.

    summer is always so much more fun!

  7. I dream of sunny days at my family's lake house. I love going to sleep at night listening to the sound of the waves.
    I do think a backyard oasis is just the ticket - a fire pit and comfy area to sit and enjoy it.
    Happy Summer!

  8. Gorgeous inspiration! I too want those lights, why are we putting it off? Let's make it the summer of the garland lights:)


    Miss B.

  9. Beautiful images. I'm oohing and ahhing over those woman's shorts (they look like lulu dk chant's pattern)!!

  10. Erica - not vintage but great bikes that might appeal. I've seen both and they look great:

    http://www.publicbikes.com/ from San Francisco
    http://www.dutchbikeco.com/index.htm in Seattle

    Happy summer, James

  11. I can't wait to get into my new house and have cook-outs! Thank goodness I'm able to leave comments again!

  12. Oh my goodness I am so horrible because I am just wanting to survive this su mer with being prego and not over heating!


  13. Beautiful images! I adore summer nights spent outside (before the bugs come!) and campfires away from the city :)


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