Friday Style Find

I've been on the look out for the perfect patio umbrella for some time now... like 4 yrs some time. Well, I think it was worth the wait to find this beauty. It was at the Bay and on sale for $36. Really?!
 The best part is that the pattern works so well with the outdoor area rugs and other accents that I'd  already accumulated. Now I just have to tackle some landscaping to hide that hideous expanse of fence. Don't you just love a great find?
Oh, and thank goodness it's Friday. What are your plans? Happy Friday Loves! xo 


  1. i LOVE ur backyard!!!! - and um $36 for that umbrellla SCOOOORE!!!! - seating from Crate & Barrel?

  2. Love that backyard! Dying over the stripe & yellow pillows. Where did you find those side tables??

  3. Thanks Erika! :)

    Stephanie-many thanks, the side tables were a homesense (homegoods in the US) find and the yellow + white stripe cushions are from Real Canadian Superstore. :)

  4. LOVE!!! a good bargain is the best! adore your outdoor seating area, too.

  5. That pattern is great and I love how it works with everything else you have. Such a nice yard layout. Looks like a great place to gather!

  6. What a great find and a beautiful backyard!

  7. Thanks so much Calllie, Lynda, Heather and Desiree! The season is so short here that having something nice set up ensures you actually use your yard. :)
    And thanks Elie, my weekend was fabulous and I hope yours was too. xo

  8. Oh my goodness, I love the whole look, amazing!!! Thank you so much for your super kind words about my art Erica, coming from you that really means a lot :) Hugs
    Nancy xo

  9. $36!?? What a steal!! It's hard to come across patterned umbrellas, this one is fantastic!

    I just LOVE your yard! Such a great space. And wee have the same pillow from Superstore!

  10. I love your finding and for that price? It is even more gorgeous!


  11. Gawgis!

    One nice idea for that back fence is something my friend (and designer) Sally Wheat pulled off with flair -- create large interlocking wire circles and train jasmine over them instead of in the typical x pattern.
    It's fresh, low-maintenance and a provides a great visual punch.
    Cheers, Alcira


  12. oooh brilliant idea Alcira! I'll have to look that one up and see if I can do something similar. :)


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