Feeling Inspired

Hello there. I snapped this picture of my side entrance. Love the size difference between my glossy red, and my tiny guy's little gloss black hunters.
 I was inspired, as I always am, by Nie and her picture below [here]. Darling huh? I love how those tiny boots will undoubtedly be bittersweet to look back on when my little one has grown.
Do you read Nie? Her blog is one of the first that I read daily. Her positive outlook always makes me feel better when I'm struggling. Check it out [here]. Do you have a unique picture that makes you smile?

ps- thanks for all of the lovely comments about my little Ethan's room. He LOVES it and it made my day that everyone here did too! xo


  1. Oh if my glossy black hunters were nearly as clean as those in the image. With all of this rain they are getting a lot of use! Stay dry. xo

  2. love the contrast in sizes..a lovely picture to look back at when your little one grows up! thanks for sharing..have a wonderful day..do visit my blog when you have a moment..it would be lovely if you would follow me too..xx meenal

  3. SO, SO cute!! xoxo E

  4. i love my hunters... can't wait for a nice shower to take them out!

  5. ohmygosh, those tiny little hunters are adorable! Great entry space, Erica, love the rug :)

  6. a rainbow of pretty little rain boots!

    adorable. I'm happy you shared them for us :)


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