Just Because...

This makes me crave travel. The interiors of the Villa Magna in Madrid are truly outstanding. Here's just the tiniest of samples... because I'm addicted to lovely soap. xo
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  1. I enjoy going to great hotels and racking up on soap and toiletries. I always ask for extra.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Definitely a good sign of the luxury to come at that hotel- would love to go to Madrid.

  3. I'm glad you share my addiction to lovely soaps! My husband and I collected a ton of lovely soaps while we travelled around Paris and the South of France. They're too pretty to use!

  4. That's so weird .. Over 10 years ago when I was fresh out of University, I worked for the owners of the Villa Magna. You can imagine what an enormous treat it was for a fresh-out-of-college 20 something to go and get spoilt at the hotel! It's in a great location would love to see it renovated but with 2 x 2.5 year olds that ain't going to happen for a pretty long time! And I'm with you, always love the toiletries, stayed at Le Bristol in Paris whilst working for the same company and fell in love with the Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte toiletries they had - these days I make sure my husband wears their cologne xx

  5. Oh my, may have to hop a flight, like, now just for the soap alone!
    Suds 'n hugs, Alcira


  6. Fabulous...may bathroom in Paris was like this with gorgeous products! Wish I was travelling right now! Tracey xx


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