So, my lovelies, I have a favour to ask. My friend is opening up a creperie and we've been trying think of the perfect name. I was telling him how clever all of my friends here are and suggested that I ask your thoughts, opinions and ideas on this one. I'm kind of excited to help out with the design and planning of the space. I'll be sure to share! xo
ps- also, what's your favourite kind of crepe?


  1. ohhhhh i LOVE crepes!!!!!! ... i have a zillion names going on in my head now for a Crepe biz - i'll coem back with a GOOD one tho!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. oh Exciting Erika! Thanks sweets! :)
    ps- send them all good and even not as good!

  3. The crepes pictured are my favorite...ohhh, and chocolate!! So far my kids have come up with "lovely morning" only in French :-)

  4. Oh Nicki! French names are great... I kind of like a l'orange.

  5. Ohhh..must put my brain to work! I must say that my favorite crepes are Strawberry Crepes Romanoff; must be that Grand Marnier? It would indeed be great fun to help with such a project, not to mention helping a friend.

    All the best Erika! I'll write back if my brain can produce anything decent ( :

  6. Bon Goute (good taste)
    Cre-pari (made up word)
    Sucre (sugar)
    Crepe suzette (crepe with orange sauce)

    that´s what i came up with, hope it´s any help or inspiration.

  7. Nutella crepes are my absolute favorite!

    Hmmm...names. I have some for fish stands and chocolate shops, but creperies huh?

    "take the crepe"
    "bourré" ...that's 'stuffed' en francais!

    Now I'll be thinking about it all day ;)

  8. Oh I love those Beau and Nikki!
    My ideas so far....
    Crepe du Jour
    French Amour
    Classic Crepe
    The Crepe Man ( the owner is handsome and charming)
    All Day Crepe
    Crepes Away
    Sweet + Savour Crepe
    A L'Orange (to salute grand marnier)
    Let Them Eat Crepe

  9. The word crepe is derived from the Latin word crispa, meaning "curled" so you could use that to play with some names!
    - Alexis

  10. I could go for a nutella + anything (bananas, strawberrys) crepe right now. Oh I have such fond memories of late night crepes in Paris... yum!!

  11. Love crepes! My fav is the standard strawberries & whipped cream! Nutella is close second.
    Names? How fun!
    Crepes by Design
    Oh La La Crepes!

    If I think of more, I will post later! Angie xo

  12. I'm not very good at this....Only thing I can think of is

    Holy Crepe & What tha Crepe....I don't think that's the vibe you all are going for...LOL....I know your friends will do a MUCH better job of coming up with names...can't wait to hear the final name....then, I need to know where this crepe shop is so I can put it on my list of places to visit! :-)

  13. I love beau lifestyle's idea of Suzette- love one word for impact and the name makes the restaurant sound slightly sexy and alluring crepes...with a bit of a Parisian twist- perfect!

  14. I love the idea of a french name. So fitting for crepes.

  15. Hmmm..so delicious. For names ~ "Wrapture" or something simple.. "Crepe Love" or silly.. "Must Love Crepes". This is great fun. Bonjour!!

  16. Ooh fun! I can't think of any names right now though! I like "Let them eat crepe" - great suggestions so far!

  17. Thank you christine!
    Now that i have heard that the owner is a handsome man...
    I thought of chou-chou (sweet word told to a loved one)
    Crepe de ciel ( heaven)
    Chez crepe
    Chez....(fill in the name of the owner)
    Voulez vous
    Voulez vous crepe?
    Crepe a go go
    Cote du crepe
    Maison crepe
    Hmmm got hungry now, could eat a crepe
    With bonne maman strawberry jam.
    Good luck!

  18. my absolute fave.
    i could give up most other foods and live on a french crepe.
    the lemon and sugar are yummo

  19. Oh my gosh...they look fabulous - and strawberry is my favorite!! Pondering on the name...

  20. If I ever open a shop I'm coming to beau lifestyle for the name!

    Chou Chou was my Mom's nickname growning up, but now that's pretty much her name outside of work. I love it.

  21. For a sweet crepe, nutella and strawberries for sure! For a savory one, I love a little cheese with some ham or bacon, and maybe something green, like spinach or asparagus. Yum.

    Here in SF, there's a really popular crepe placed called The Crepevine. But many of the names listed above are equally as cute and catchy!

  22. Love this girls!!!

    what about:

    crepe de L'amour
    Jou Vu crepe (i want crepe)
    The Creperie

    hands down crepe with nutella are the best!!1

  23. i looove crepes. yum oh yum. i love nutella, chocolate, bananas, and strawberries oh my!

  24. I adore crepes. I love a sugar crepe. plain I know, but oh so good :)

  25. i officially want crepes right now, love how yummy those look with strawberries.

  26. CREPTOMANIAC haha get it?! I know it's stupid but I tried. Love crêpes oh.my.gosh. Don't even get me started on Nutella.

  27. I Love crepes, and I make them all the time (lately). Used to have a Crepe shop very close by back in Toronto, but since we moved now I have to make them to satisfy my craving! Love swiss cheese with either mushrooms or spinach, and as for sweet ones, has to be nutella and strawberries!


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