Friday Style Find

I think all designers are programed to love it from birth. Recently, I happened upon a birch being felled and stopped to offer help with clean up by removing the straight branches.
I stuffed my truck full, really FULL and giggled at my awesome find.
Coincidently, we'd both bought oversized hurricanes the week before. 
Who knew we'd find a purpose for them so promptly?
a friend helped with precision cuts.
Happy Friday Loves! Wishing you all a fantastic weekend... and as always, welcome to any newcomers and thanks to those who always stop by. I cherish you all! 
xoxo Ms. Moth


  1. Love this! What a lucky find! The rustic quality of the birch is so perfect with the modern, sleek lines of the glass cylinder. Love the contrast! I also giggle reading about "Mr.H" I call mine Mister Husband as well :)


  2. Hello and Happy New Years. I'm glad that you are back. I look forward to your new projects in 2011.

  3. What a GREAT idea!
    And yes, you are right, all designers DO love birch, it must be the white bark with specks of black.... See, we only need to look to nature for design inspiration!! Know where to look, and you shall find! :)

    Northern Light

  4. I really do love birch...my old family cottage is in the middle of nowhere and is surrounded by tons of birch trees so I grew up drawing on birch bark haha

    Great find!!

  5. So simple, yet so lovely! I too recently stumbled upon a beach filled with some fun findings: drift wood. Dragging it all home my husband said I looked like a homeless gathering wood for shelter.

  6. What a great find! I grew up with a giant birch tree in my backyard. We have plans of planting one when we address our landscaping. Love the white bark and the branches make for great indoor decorating!

  7. This is gorgeous! I adore the color and texture of the birch -- just beautiful.
    Cheers and best, Alcira


  8. Oh Ive missed you lovely...welcome back!
    LOVE this idea...so clever..and doable...awesome job to you and Mr H . Happy New Year darling x

  9. So glad you're back!! Happy New Year!
    I love the birch.

  10. I agree -- gotta love birch! Have a lovely weekend :)

  11. Such a perfect way to display and store birch wood! Thanks for sharing your ideas:)

  12. Newcomer here but loving your bog :) Thank you for sharing!

    Xo Jessica
    {lovely ugly design}

  13. oh yes, birch is a must love in my book!


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