Feeling Inspired

When it comes to the art of display it's the little things that make a difference....
kitchens - white carrara marble chunky marble floating shelves tumbled marble tiles mosaic backsplash countertops files drawers kitchen stainless steel appliances
like these oversized glass jars, filled with every day pasta, and polished silver...
 a thoughtfully styled built in, staggered with books, porcelain and other treasures...
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A bit of sparkle and shine to start the day. What's not to love? 
To all of my Canadian loves, happy Thanksgiving, and to my American loves, hope the weekend is splendid. Welcome to those who joined us this week and thanks for those loyal loves who return. I'm so grateful for the company of each and every one of you! See you Monday!! xo


  1. Oh I need a step by step quide or something to make my own vignettes! I am horrible! And you are so amazing at it!

    Happy Weekend doll!


  2. I am in love/lust with your first image posted... I mean... "hello open marble shelving, how you doin'?" Also- the recipe drawers mounted below the shelving is beautiful and genius! Thanks for the post!


  3. Love the first image! Well, let me be honest, I love all of them!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm really liking exposed open shelves in a kitchen these days to display everyday things, especially in marble!

  5. Open marble shelving just can't look bad, can it? :)
    Happy Thanksgiving my fellow canuck!

  6. Happy to be here!

    I adore these images. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the glass amphora jars:) Now I have some ideas to do with mine:)

  8. Love the kitchen image. Isn't it nice to see everyday items used in spaces instead of hidden?

  9. And the fun thing about vignettes is that when you tire of them, you can simply put another one together from everyday objects. Love the kitchen image - elegant but not twee.

  10. I love your pictures. In my house, I try to maintain a clean and orderly room and display some of my favorite figurines and inspirations; however, more often than not, it becomes clustered and dusty over time. I think it's the natural nature of entropy or something. How can I keep the freshness alive for a long time? Any suggestions?

  11. It really is about the details - wonderful photos...

  12. Oh I totally agree! Without the detail it's all just a bunch of clutter really x

  13. Your blog and your home is beautiful!!!!

  14. Lovely vignettes, Erica. But I already know that you are very good at creating your own beautiful displays!

    Happy new week to you and your handsome boys!

    ox, Mon

  15. I really need to introduce some major vintage silver pieces to my kitchen...thanks for the inspiration!


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