Post your 6th

Hi lovers! I was tagged in the 6th picture game by Dagny at Beautiful Living. It was fun to go back and figure out which picture was my 6th. So here it is... the bar cart post from my very own master bath and I added a couple. I've tagged some lovelies below to join in if you please. Happy friday dolls. xoxo e

so here are my tags... look forward to seeing your 6th pic! xoxo


  1. beautiful. looks like a magazine stylist did this work. oh wait, thats you!
    happy friday hunny! xoxo

  2. Very beautiful and classic. I just took a peak at your home office pics too, loving it!


  3. Thanks for tagging me hun, will be fun to look back at what my 6th pic was x

    Your bar cart in the bathroom made me smile, just love the idea of that....at the moment I'd have mine stocked with bar supplies (I'm thinking champagne or a few bottles of Pimms) rather than the practical bathroom supplies!!!

    Have a fun weekend, Mrs C x

  4. Erica, LOVE IT! You are fabulous! Thanks for the tag :). Just posted my pic 6! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  5. I could use a bar cart right now full of liquor. Thank goodness it's Friday!

    Love how you made it a bath cart. Great style!

  6. Please don't apologize for all the comments, Erica -- I love, love, LOVE comments. They keep me going as I try to increase my following, so thank you!

    Your blog is equally (if not even more) fantastic ... You definitely have a new follower in me. :)

  7. stunning! Im absolutely in love with your home!
    Have a lovely weekend xo

  8. Oh that was sooooo much better than my 6th photo! Just beautiful.

  9. The votives are so pretty-beautifully stylized--I think I'm ready for a bubble bath! Have a lovely weekend, Barbara

  10. Beautiful! I just spent my morning reading Sarah's blog(flourish design+style) and the husband is giving me the look already. ;) Can't wait to read yours! Thanks for stopping by. I'm your newest follower!

  11. Hi Erica,

    I am amazed how real those urchin candles look! Found a real urchin skeleton yesterday in the sea and you just gave me an inspiration on what to do with it!

    Lilly :D


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