Loving Matte Black

Ok, so it appeared on the runway last year. I loved the nail polish, accessories, etc... I'm discovering home objects too. Loving this matte black vase I found. (and yes I changed the entrance again) What do you think?

Loving these...

and THESE!
This hex tile could be stunning in the right spot.
This votive would look great in numbers along a dining table or mantel and could even be used as a chalk surfaced place marker. Cute huh?

So what do you think of matte black... I'm loving my little hit. xo


  1. Love the black.. and the new entry. Great mirror! xo

  2. Oh I love it! And glossy black as well! I'm just a sucker for black all around!

  3. looks beautiful! love the vase, so gorgeous.

  4. Those black votives, they way you described them, so creative and fun!

  5. Your black lace vase is so cool. Is it original pottery or mass produced?

  6. I LOVE the vase! I really do... and i love matt black too. Very cool.


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