Loving Lucite

Ok, who am I kidding?.... It's not like Lucite is anything new.
Looking around my house, I think to myself, in a self assured way, 'I was right to stuff my home with Lucite pieces! I knew it was here to stay.'
Commonly called acrylic (how generic), or (cringe) plexi, I think we design/decor people just like the way Lucite rolls off the tongue. Which piece speaks to you?
I'd be tempted to stack birch logs in this magazine holder by the fireplace. 
Candle holder a lucite version of the sprocket.
The possibilities are endless as to what could be placed in this trunk, a child's vintage ride on toy,  larger sized worn river stones,  a collection of vases at varying heights, vintage snowshoes or flippers for a cottage application, a bowling ball and ten pins... ideas, ideas.. ok Erica, stop. xo


  1. Love it all. I think the handles were just used in kay douglas beach home. I wanted them.

  2. I'll take one of each please! (and I child's vintage ride on toy in that trunk...so chic and clever!)

  3. oh yes. nothing is better than lucite. i agree.

    thanks for stopping by my blog! and the sweet comments! will be following you!


  4. that trunk is beyond fabulous! xo

  5. They are all gorgeous! I'm so in love with lucite!

  6. One of my favourite mediums ever! I have loved acrylic since I was a kid! Great blog, I'm off to go read more!

  7. That truck is crazy cool- I can think of so many fun things to put in there! I think the best is when I saw this with a vintage Louis suitcase inside, total hotness!


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