Happy 101 Awards

Here I am on this beautiful Sunday sharing my excitement that I received not one, but two Happy 101 Blog Awards! I'm so honoured! Awarded by Barbara (Hampton Hostess) and Silvia (Casa Bella) both amazing, beautiful and stylish blogs- please check them out. The award states you must list 10 things that make you happy and then pass along to 10 other blogs. Here goes with the happy list or in my case things I'm grateful for!

1. My 5 fantastic boys. There are no words. My 3 girls. Family near and far. xoxoxo
Left to Right: Ethan, Riley, Connor holding LL, and Carter
Lulabelle Gucci Snickerdoodle
Molly Pepper Plum
Stella Luna
2. Genuine friends who are the family I've chosen. xoxo
image apt 34
3. Looking forward to a happy fantastic future and the adventure it holds. Included in this a bucket list, an idea from a dear friend.

4. Good health.

5. Being a girl.
image unknown- please tell me if you know so I can credit appropriately

6. Blogging, and more importantly I love the friends I've made doing so. To every single follower (friend), your vote of confidence and interest in what I have to say warms my heart. xoxo

7. My home and safe community and the haven it has become.
image unknown- please tell me if you know so I can credit appropriately

8. Interior Design/Decorating, fashion, singing, jewelry making, painting, etc...

9. Helping others and having purpose in life.

10. Taco night, a movie and a good book.

And now to pass the torch... I decided to exempt the lovelies already mentioned on Forward Friday. I found it difficult to narrow down because I've come across so many fantastic blogs but I figured that's ok... they'll all have a day to shine (in my eyes) on a friday. xoxoxo loves!

1. Beatriz   That Girl In Pearls
2. Courtney   Breaking Down the Big, Beige Box
3. Yahnay   Coco Pearl
4. Shari   Little Blue Deer
5. Judy   Verandah House
6. Lisa   Hampton Toes
7. Holly   Holly Goes Lightly
8. Sarah   White Blossom
9. Staley   In Staley's Atmosphere
10. Amy   The Huntress Lives


  1. You are so sweet! Thank you! Can't wait to fill out my answers! Loved reading yours!

  2. Oh thank you Erica! Oh, how kind of you! I am so excited, this is my first "honorable mention!" Thank you for including me. BTW, your boys are GORGEOUS, you are so fortunate to have such a lovely family!

  3. Just look at your gorgeous boys, I am a Mom of three boys and there is nothing like son's!! I use to call it my 3-ringed circus because there were days around here that felt like a circus. Lots of coming's and going's with boys and sports and all their activities. You must be one verrrrry busy MOM!! It is nice to read a little more about you. Fun stuff! Kathysue

  4. Erica, well done you! You're one of my favourite daily reads and I'm so chuffed for you. Wow, that photo of your boys is amazing, and it's a great list...especially liked the one about the friends you choose as family. Have a great day.

  5. I love reading people's lists - yours is a great one. Your boys - wow! What a great pic and a great family by the sounds of it :)

  6. Aww... Love the puppies. Precious. And I love Lulubelle's sweater. :)


  7. Hi! Thanks for visiting in my blog! I am in Germany right now, but I will come back soon -with lots of photos! And I will visit here for longer time than this quick one today :)

  8. Huge hug to you Erica, thank you so much for thinking of me, this will be fun and i'm so happy to have found your gorgeous blog.
    Love the photo of your boys, I have 4 girls and 2 boys, 3 are my step children (they lost there mum in a car accident) but now couldn't imagine my life without them. Thank you again xx

  9. Erica, thanks so much! it's great to know someone out there is reading my blog and enjoying bits of it. As for me, I love Moth Designs and can't wait to see more on that Lapa!
    Thanks again

  10. omg. heart you!!!! what an honor. xo

  11. I am in awe of you! Five boys? AND you are so fab!!! Amazing!

  12. Erica-Thank you very much, I am TRULY honored!!! Love your blog and all you advice :)

    xoxo Amy

  13. Erica,
    I just sat down for the first time today to look at my blog...what a great honor you've given me...thanks so much! Your list is great. Your sons are gorgeous. Lulabelle Gucci Snickerdoodle's name is a riot...I love it! Truly, thanks for thinking of me.

  14. Congrats! I love that you hang onto your girliness with 5 boys in the mix. How do you afford to feed them!?!

  15. Your children are beautiful! All boys! Wow! You are an amazing mom...obviously! I enjoyed reading what makes you happy. Congrat's on the award.

    Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comments. It is nice to meet you and your lovely family.


  16. Erica, you are so sweet to have nominated me. I love receiving awards!! :)

    Your boys are so cute. Love you dog names! Especially Lulabelle Gucci Snickerdoodle. (makes me giggle writing it).

    You're blog is a new favourite. I look forward to it every morning with my coffee before I start working. Thanks!

  17. Aah!! What a wonderful way to start my week!! And such a Lovely compliment coming from you : ) I adore your list!! Your boys are going to be some serious heartbreakers some day. You must be such a proud mama. I hope to have 4 someday. There's nothing like big families!! And of course your daughters Haha. Truly. Nothing completes a home quite like dogs do.

    Thanks for making my day so bright : )

  18. Thanks for all of the wonderful compliments loves! I am so proud of my boys. xo

    Ps- Lisa... I figure the smaller the dog the bigger the name. However she does have a personality to match that one. xo

  19. 5 boys... you are my hero. they are all gorgeous. Oh, and I so love being a girl too. I embrace it to extremes:)

  20. Erica, loved reading your list and getting to know you better. And I knew there was I reason why I liked you from the very beginning!

    Your boys are oh-so handsome! And 5 of them! You are one lucky Mama. And they are lucky to have you!

    Much fondness, Monika

  21. I can't believe you have five boys what a wonderful handful they must be. I can barely juggle my one! I have just discovered your blog, it's lovely I will definitely be popping back.

  22. When I saw your comment on my blog saying that you have 5 boys, my jaw dropped! when I saw this picture of your boys my jaw dropped again. They are so darn cute! OMG, too cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog today because I was able to find you!

    I look forward to catching up on your blog!

  23. You are my new blog crush! I like your style and the warmth of your posts! I love being a girl, too :)

  24. I too have many children Erica!! Crazy but wonderful times!

    Your boys are beautiful, as are you, not just your physical self but your space, your inner space.

    Very much enjoyed reading your Happy List.


  25. Enjoyed and related with reading your list! I love interior designs too!! :)


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