I truly cannot wait to brush my teeth in the mornings.

The vanity is standard kitchen depth and quite wide. I had the space, needed the storage and in this case, more is definitely more.

This soap looks as lovely as it smells and was brought back from my last trip with my boys.

I love this niche and the visual departure it provides by breaking up the wall of stone, not to mention it keeps every thing in arms reach.

Ah, the tender green and white of these ranunculus, so pretty. Oh, and by the way, fresh flowers last quite some time in the bath.
You might have noticed colour, shades of blue and green but only in a couple of accents. The great thing is this space looks entirely different layered with subtle charcoal greys or a bright dash of yellow. This is why my entire house is white on white as a backdrop... sky's the limit for the looks you choose.

This reflective table brightens up this little corner nicely. The chevron relief in the shower curtain is a motif I love. It adds another visual layer and some texture without being overbearing.


  1. Wow, that tile... insanely gorgeous. I only hope I can find something like that for our master bath remodel!!

  2. Such a beautiful, classic space. The tile is to die for! And love your point about colors. I am in totaly agreement. Keep the basics neutral so you can layer in any color your like from there.

  3. I love your bathroom! I love your style! You have touches of traditional and modern = LOVE!

  4. gorgeous! i love chartreuse with white and grey! Love the silver table too. I am looking for a white paint color that is lovely with marble. What do you like?

  5. Thanks everyone!! :)
    Anonymous, this paint color is called Clear Moon and is from Behr. :)

  6. Beautiful!! It looks like the tile on the ground is tan and te shower and tub is grey/white? And it looks awesome. What tile/marble did you use for the floor and the shower and tub??

  7. @TheSchanzFamily
    Thank you! The floor is travertine and the shower is a calacatta with grey and beige veining.

  8. I purchased mine at a tile and stone showroom here in Calgary 5 years ago. You would need to check your local suppliers. That's the best I can do or suggest, sorry.

  9. Ok thanks so much for your help! Love your work.

  10. You're very welcome. Wishing you the best of luck finding the stone you need.
    And thanks for the kind words. :)


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