Paint It White

I was seriously inspired by the blog Layers of Meaning observing the transformation possible when you paint something (image above courtesy of). I thought of things I'd sprayed over the years. Great finds, brimming with possibility, and currently in not so fabulous colours. Below I've shared a treasure of painted pieces that dot the rooms in my home. Let me know what you think, especially about the artichoke lamp.

This resin owl was dark brown and now, in satin white, watches over my smallest little guy, LL.

A lamp, less favourable in livery beige, now punctuates a desk in the room my middle two boys share.

The jury was out on this for a long time and generated many laughs and queries with my design partner. It was a heinous bronze-red-brown. I still think it will be fabulous once it receives a second coat and white linen drum shade, and at $22 who am I to complain?

These too were an odd brown and were painted with a prime coat at the same time as the lamp above, just before the snow came. Spring will bring a second bright coat and a smile.

Bright orange originally... fine for some spaces but didn't work for me. I likes white!

This was originally black with a folk art floral; not the cool bohemian floral you're imagining, just a bad floral. White is definitely right.

These were painted to reflect pepper and salt. The perfect grey and white.
It pays to be able to see a diamond in the rough. xo


  1. Adore them all! I love great finds, you've done a wonderful job on all of them! xo

  2. Thanks Sarah! I already have many projects planned for the spring. Can't wait to share. xo e

  3. I love to paint everything white as well. Sometimes I'll try color and then I inevitably go with white. Your pieces look fabulous.

  4. There is practically nothing a good coat of white paint won't help :)


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