Dreaming of an Inspired Office

Blogging whipped me in to shape with lagging projects that had fallen by the wayside. Sometimes our personal lives throw us for a loop and striving to remain fabulous is what keeps me going. Next on the list... my office.

I'm ashamed to share this mess but it's an oversized junk drawer presently, with fantastic potential, waiting for clean up. It's been a reno dump spot for 2.5 yrs.
Is it premature to say... check back tomorrow for a fantastic new office? Nah, I'm on it! In the meantime here are some accessories that would look great in any office, all 3 available here.


  1. oh, I would like ( um..LOVE ) to dig through that room! :) xo

  2. I should have planned it... we could have had tea and cupcakes (pink ones) and I'd have had some girl company! xo


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