Flora and Fauna Nursery

As a mum to 5 boys I love dearly; however much I've gained (fighting, blood, and typical brotherly love), I've seriously been ripped off when it comes to decorating, girl fashion, shoes, hair styles, the appreciation of peach versus pink blush, etc... It's saturday and I'm going to do a girl nursery right here, right now. So pretend along with me. What a JOY! ..... don't feel threatened boys, I still love you! xo

It's never too early to learn about great style.

A piece she'll want to take away when she leaves home.

A fancy diaper genie? Maybe not... but this persimmon vessel would be fabulous converted to a lamp and paired with the drum shade above.

A glider not made of honey oak... I'm sure we all approve.

Modern flora.

A big girl bed to get excited about.

Forest friends whose purchase fund a good cause.

Much more than an ordinary mobile, baby would love to gaze at this.


  1. Gorgeous! If we were closer I would ask you over to help with my girls' rooms. Love the green, the white, the natural-ness of it all. Truly lovely and standout.

  2. Thank you so very much... and if I were closer I'd love to help!

  3. Adorable! I made some of those birds from Spool for a baby shower and have kept it in my baby file for someday. Love the flora and fauna idea.

    Plus I just like saying it... flora and fauna.


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