The Children's Bath

This main floor bath was the first to be redone in my home, filled with found decorative pieces in haste, and sadly, never properly dressed. Given the degree to which I adore this space, it's time to give it that final polish.
I found this to be an inviting spot to bathe my little ones. I left the tub, against the opinions of many who thought it best converted to a 2 piece.
I opted to tile 21" above the tub with satin carrara and to finish with pencils rather than schluter. I knew I'd love the way this frames the rounded tub... and I do.
Accents always make such a difference.
Another of my favourite little urchins and an unusual soap dish.
No space is too small for a stem or two.
This votive holder, a momento from a friend's wedding, is a reminder of a happy day and a safe haven for rings during bath time. My favourite Hesperides soap and Tocca candle delicately scent the room.
This oil painting won't make a permanent home here but remains for now. I'm working on some custom art for this wall.
An oversized champagne bucket holds additional tissue and towels.
This vintage framed towel made it's way from England and had dried many of the family's children. It provides memories of a dear Grandma.
I love the repetition of textured pattern in the hex carrara and honey comb bath mat paired with the smooth surfaces and gleam of the tub and polished nickel bucket.
Must run...I feel like having a bath. xo


  1. Such a simple idea that I would have NEVER thought of. It's perfect in every way and I LOVE the way it looks.

    Sorry for all the comments in the last 20 min- I'm totally not trying to stalk you or anything, I just love everything haha

  2. How could anyone not LOVE this bathroom! I love the pencil tile finish on the tile around the tub, its the perfect detail. I love the rounded tub- SUCH a big difference from the normal square one and I think its amazing. I love the floor tile, I actually just sent a bunch of photos of this tile to my parents trying to get them on board with using it. I LOVE the tiny light fixture over the sink. I love that you used dark wood for the sink console and mirror- it adds some depth to the otherwise all white and gray bathroom. I love the bucket for extra towels and TP. And my favorite is the framed towel like I said above.

    I really love everything here- it's perfect!!

  3. Gorgeous! My bathrooms need a complete overhaul. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  4. OOOOOOH MY. So, so, so gorgeous....you should be so proud! I can't wait to peruse your blog!

  5. this bathroom is absolute perfection. love everything about it. wow!

  6. i've been thinking hex carrara would be perfect for our bathroom floor, and this totally seals the deal. love it! so excited to be introduced to your blog!

  7. I love the idea of the champagne bucket to hold tidbits and the framed towel --- brizillant.


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