Moth Gift Guide- Goodies Under $20

Holla peeps. Just doing some online shopping and thought I'd share some of the better finds I've come across.
First up these minimergency kits by Pinch Provisions, 18.00, stuffed with 17 mini emergency essentials, all in a cute reusable bag.
PInch Provisions Minimergency Kits
I keep one of these sugar paper journals in my hand bag at all times to jot down notes and lists. It's rescued me from memory lapses on several occasions. Plus it just looks good and is only 18.00.
This C. Wonder check mug, 14.00,  is perfect for a teacher or someone you'd like to thank.


Anonymous said...

Love the journal, but please, please don't give teachers mugs (or ornaments or candles or soap). I swear, we have enough of them. What do we really want? A thoughtful thank you note from you (or your child). Those we keep, year after year. If you want to give a present, a small donation to a children's charity or a small giftcard (like the $15 you'd have spent on the mug) to someplace like Starbucks is a lovely gesture.

Obiraf said...

Original and beautiful ...

Mary Beth at www.mbzinteriors.com said...

pretty but I'd use the mug for pencils, not for coffee because I'm always heating my coffee in the microwave. I make a cup and walk away

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