Backyard Awesome Post 01

Hi friends. I'm sharing the beginning phases of #projectbackyardawesome today. It's unfortunate there's no before image. Let's just have it be known that for the last 8 years this corner of the yard was piled high with three types of broken brick from the previous owners. The space around the brick was overgrown with waist high weeds. 
My plan was to install a giant trellis to hide the area for the garden party. I'd tried in the past to give the brick away or have it removed but no one was willing to do it. The opportunity presented itself very suddenly to have it hauled away to a place where brick is recycled. YAY!
We worked hard to level the area and remove the weeds. Then we went to Home Depot and picked up all of the necessary items to spruce things up. First step was to plant perennials and lay down weed matting. 
Next we piled cedar garden mulch on top of the weed matting, not only to hold it in place but also to prevent weed growth. The folks at Home Depot also suggested gravel would work for this area, but we all agreed that mulch is softer under foot; now that this corner may just be a new hide and seek spot, and from an aesthetic regard I liked the look of mulch better with the plantings.  
I hadn't realized how much this corner weighed on me. Having it completed has made me so happy. Now on to the next project. Happy Friday! 


Anonymous said...

Good start. I can't wait to see it all finished!
xx Angie

Tim said...

Yay!! so excited for you and love seeing all your inspirations for this backyard project! Can't wait to see it comes to life! I am sure it will be fabulous!


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