Dear Saturday

A trip to the market and a little bit of this please...
flower market green hydrangea
I'll gather with my favourite humans later for a little of this...
this too
it's going to be good. 
Wishing you only the best today. What's in store for you? 


Karen Albert said...

Yesterday was the market. Then down to the aquarium with my Granddaughter! So fun! The pool today I read, she was in the water!

2013 Designer Series
Art by Karena

Michaela said...

Fun!! I'd take a bouquet of those any day. I graduate tomorrow and am spending the weekend in Seattle with my family! So much fun being had :)

Julie said...

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Erica! I need to get to the Ottawa Market, I used to love going before we moved away and now that we're within driving distance again, I must go sometime soon.

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

I hope you had a lovely Saturday and a very lovely weekend at that. Don't flowers just make everything better? Have fun spending time with your little humans.

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