Check Check, Check it out

Hello lovers. I was asked to curate a list of goodies for the newest 
Can I just tell you how fun it was. The whole issue is gorgeous, and inspiring, and promises to be a workout for online shopping skills with so many beautiful finds. 
I want to order one of everything.
Oh, hey girl. There I am. 
Deliberately cropped out the rest of the good stuff so you have to go check it out! Go. Go.
Wishing you all a fab day lovelies. xoxo


Lili said...

i quickly browsed it earlier before i left house & missed your's! will be reading back shortly! cool!

Jordana @WhiteCabana said...

oooh...excellent! i love this mag! going to check out your list right now.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, loved your round up and the story at the bottom was really sweet. You have the best kids. :)

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