Friday Style Find

Hello Lovers! I'm doing some last minute, Christmas Eve decorating. I found leopard ribbon for my garland and was a little unsure if it would look Jersey Shore, but, I'm kinda loving it. Do you like? What's on the agenda for you? xo
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Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

It's looking fabulous over there! Merry Christmas Erica!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Okay, those are the most beautiful pics EVER!!! Oh Erica, I wish you could keep your decorations up until I come to Calgary!!! Ooooh soo prrrrretty! I wish you, your mom, your boys and your dogs a very Merry Christmas. May you get all the nicest, shiniest, glamourous and most hansome goodies in 2012!

Tim said...

Love the wreath! Is it a "live" one? Will have to take it to the florist for one next year. Loving the silver charger and the glass dome, and the unexpected ribbon! So much fun!

Now will those stockings be filled Erica? :)

pve design said...

merry christmas! love your garland and your sweet stockings.

Michaela said...

It's great! Merry Christmas sweet friend (:

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