Brazen Brights

Here's a little shock of colour to wish you all a happy Monday! Get up to anything exciting on the weekend? xo


Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

Lovely images! The only things I did this weekend were things I enjoy. Perfect weekend. Hope yours was perfect, too.

christine, just bella said...

Gorgeous colours! I think I need more hot pink in my life ;)

Erica said...

My weekend was pretty perfect Tiffany, thanks! :)
I agree Christine! I've been slowly adding more pink over the years. It's just happy. :)

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

LOVE it - considering all my hallways are BRIGHT MAGENTA!

~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Edins House said...

I'm lovin' shots of pink these days too :-) That last image though Erica... FAB! Love the juxtaposition between the old brick row house and the modern glass and steel box... and that sliding window is phenominal!!

Erica said...

Oh wow Erika! That takes a leap of faith they must be outstanding.
I know huh Victoria? I'm crazy for the house in the last image! oh, that wall of books!

Kate Lewis said...

always a fan of the brights!

now scoot on over for an art giveaway!

Emily said...

I'm in looove with that second pic! What gorgeous and unique art!

Erica said...

Thanks Kate!
Emily, I know huh?? I think it's so cool that it's a mirror image diptych. :)

annie said...

I just love a pop of hot pink...muck like your peonies in your last post!

~~Lindsey* said...

Ohhh, I love bright pinks used to decorate with. Guess that's why I have that color in my room. Such lovely pictures. I am really enjoying your blog. I can't even remember how I came across it but I'm glad I did. =)

barbara@hodge:podge said...

That artwork over the tufted sofa is TO.DIE.FOR!


yesss I love me a shock of color!
Have a beautiful week!

xo Edyta

Elizabeth .: Have Your Cake Blog said...

Gorgeous images! I love all the pink!

I'm having a Deborah Lippmann nail polish giveaway if you'd like to enter, just click here

Erica said...

Thanks Annie- wish those peonies would last forever!
Lindsay- thanks so much for the sweet words, and for dropping by. I dropped by your blog too. You have an amazing outlook and are quite a special girl!
Barbara. I KNOW!! That room makes me want to redo my whole home!
Thanks Edyta and Elizabeth! xo

Cristin @ Simplified Bee said...

Erica... you must drop by the SF design blogger meet-up. There will be a few from Atlanta, LA, etc.

Would love to meet you!


MyStyleVita said...

This last image is to die for. The pop of color is amazing especially that uuber green grass!

xoxo Mystylevita.com

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