Dear Saturday,

You are so splendidly full of promise. Would you permit me to take some time to myself?
I'll read a great book... and be inspired.
I'll think about the many things I'd like to accomplish...
illuminate my night with a little sparkle 
 and remind me to believe in magic... I'll be forever grateful.
What splendid delight does Saturday promise for you?
Happy Saturday Loves! xo


island girl said...

Happy Saturday to you! Lovely post!
Thank you :-)

Karena said...

You have made my day with your inspiration!!

Happy Easter!

Art by Karena

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LabelSnob said...

Great post! Happy Saturday!
Saturday brings me cleaning the house (boo), a little shopping (yay) and date night with Hubby (double yay!)!

American Gypsy said...

how sweet! love these images. (just found your blog through circle of moms. i'm your newest subscriber!) xoxojess

Anonymous said...

So lovely. You are poetry.

Erica said...

Thanks so much for the lovely words. :)

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