New Addition

Remember my post (here) on the children's bath? I'd planned on changing the art above the tub.  On a recent trip to Toronto I came across this painting and knew it would be the perfect addition. It's called Oliver's Alter Ego and has a feeling reminiscent of Where the Wild Things Are. We're all pretty smitten. xo

Art by Kate Domina at Canvas Gallery


Nicolle Cannone said...

LOVE it!!!

Wendy said...

love it! ha ha, it reminded me of 'where the wild things are' as soon as i saw it! my little man Evan would love it!

Kendall said...

Very cute for kids!

Marcus Design said...

I LOVE this! And I LOVE Where the Wild Things Are!!
Nancy xo

1 Funky Woman said...

Fabulous piece! It really makes the space!



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