The Family Picture Wall

I'm delighted to share my latest project... Gazing at treasured memories is the best. What do you think?? Happy Wednesday loves! xo
Planning layout.
all images by Erica Cook


Beauty Research...

So, I was offered eyelash extensions... of course I took Sas along. They attach the lashes one by one to each and every lash. I'm loving them!! Would you get lash extensions?? xo




Home Love...

I'm smitten with this  home in Doonan, Australia. The inhabitants look so happy... wonder if they'd  mind if I came to visit. xo 


Around The House...

Here's what's next around the house... my living and dining room.
I'm starting with two buster lamps, a meurice chandelier and a channing console table...      
 I appear to be slightly obsessed with Jonathan Adler!!
In the meantime I'm working on the photo wall below. It was never completed and will be an easier project than the living/dining room. Here's hoping I can share results soon!

 I have a lot to do. I'm excited to get working and share with all of you. xo e


Did you miss me??

I'm back.... after a formidable break. I've missed my regular lovelies so much and want to extend a warm welcome to the new ones who've joined!
My sincere gratitude to those of you who were concerned about my absence. I needed some time to sort things out, to sort life out.
I truly believe our lives have seasons. I've been buried deep under the snow of a hard winter and am now waking to a long awaited spring. Life is finally happy... even a little exciting, as it should be. I've missed blogging and am thrilled to be back, so without further adieu I'll share a little of what I've been up to...
three birthday parties... including a pirate party
a graduation
time in the mountains
 time on a boat

a lot of time here... walking, running, hiking, etc...

so my beauties.... what have you been up to??? xo
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