Yes Please!

I dream of owning something like this one day (don't we all). And however impractical, I thought I'd share what resides in my dream folder. Dreaming just seems good for the soul. What do you dream about? 
ps. my other home is on the ocean, well, the one in my dream folder that is. xo


Pudel-design said...

That looks amazing, a really good place to dream about;)
I want a little house by the sea too...
But until that happens, I try build my dream:)
Look here...

Lovely greetings...

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...


PS - want FREE art? - come 1 come all and *JOIN PHOTOgraphy Give-Away * .. if you interested of course!

*kiss kiss*

Marcus Design said...

Yes, this one would be in my dream home files too, and the other one on the ocean...a girl can dream right??

Thanks for popping by, I really appreciate it :) I've added you to my blog roll.
Nancy xo

Scientific Housewife said...


Leah said...

Wow that ceiling is gorgeous!!!


Casa Bella said...

That IS something nice to dream about. My dream place would be somewhere in Provence. Simple, rustic, elegant.

Darcy from The I.Design Box said...

My dream home would look like this on 100 acres in Montana. No neighbors that the eye can see and lots of space for animals. Oh, and it would be convenient to great shopping (now THAT is a dream). Ha!

Heartfire At Home said...

Sigh, and intake of breath, and widening of eyes...... gorgeous.

I love a home that has shadows.... see how they fall across the room and add atmosphere.

I think I'm a 'shadow' kinda girl rather than bright light. I love secretive places, and places that look like they could have a hidden doorway or secret panel in them.

The stone on the fireplace looks magnificent. Imagine touching that. But, it's the wood that truly sings to my heart!

I have a stunning beach photo over on my blog today funnily enough, in a room that has lots of clear bright light.... not in a blinding way though, in a soothing, calming sort of way.

So yeah, this home, and a beach home as well.... PERFECT!!!!

Linda. xx

Anna Liesemeyer said...

Oooo absolutely gorgeous.
I think I love the openness of it!

Splendid Willow said...

And dreams do come true, Erica! I can very well see you in a house like that. And yes, in a lovely beach home as well!

If you have a moment, pop over and see my new DIY series. I would love to feature you too. You mega talented lady.

ox, Mon

The Zhush said...

ooooh, I like the look of your dream folder!:)
More please!

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