Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

If you're anything like me, I spend so much time on prep of the actual meal and setting up that often times table decor is left to the last minute. This year (Canadian Thanksgiving is in Oct) I was able to pull together a lovely table scape. Always a fan of keeping things simple, I ran a row of little white mini pumpkins down the centre of the table. Of course I forgot to get a picture. In the meantime I also saw so many lovely images via instagram. I had to share. Love the simplicity of Tracey Ayton's table below. Simple black napkins and white pumpkins. It doesn't get any better.
This is so very pretty, quick and easy. A tray with some greenery, stemware, a punch or mixed drink with a blackberry garnish and some lemon. Perfect. Your guests will feel appreciated. 
I love this idea as well. A simple sprig of rosemary looped upon itself and tied with some cotton twine to make a mini wreath. Inexpensive and certainly charming. 
I'm already working on ideas for my holiday table decor, but in the meantime it was fun to revisit these beautiful ideas. Hope it may provide some of you with a little inspiration. Wishing all of my American friends the loveliest Thanksgiving. xoxo


Beauty on a Small Budget | Revisited

A little update with regards to what I've been up to around here. My part of the Beauty on a Small Budget Challenge with CIL Premium Paint has wrapped up, but I was so inspired by the changes around here that I've decided to keep working on small paint projects. I have a fun holiday photo shoot coming up and I realized this was the perfect time and opportunity to add some detail to the living room walls. I added chair rail moulding in oversized panels. I'm so excited with the outcome.
It only took a few hours to install the trim. We drew it out first on the wall (as can be seen in the bottom left) and then started measuring out the trim to mitre it and nail it in place.
Next up I went over the entire wall with a coat of CIL Premium Paint in the scrubbable flat finish in a colour called White  on White. I love how I was able to cut out the step of priming the trim because CIL Premium Paint has a primer right in the formula. 
Stay tuned... I'll be posting finished images of this space very soon. In the meantime, have you entered the CIL Beauty on a Small Budget Contest? There's still time to get your #CILPremiumBeauty entry in to be eligible for the 5k grand prize to The Home Depot. It's easy to enter, with any paint project big or small- check out full details {here


At Home With | Sotheby's International

I'm honoured to be the latest 'At Home With' influencer on Sotheby's International Realty's Blog. I worked on this story in the summer. It involved a bit of a spruce up in my room... primarily moving things around that I already had. I felt like this time around I really streamlined the look that I wanted to have in my Master Suite. I'm pleased with how it turned out and the story was fun to pull together.
Thanks Sotheby's! 

Where To Find It


Beauty on a Small Budget Challenge Reveal

I'm so excited to share how my Beauty on a Small Budget project with CIL Paints turned out.
The whole point of the challenge is to fix up a space by painting something to make updates on a small budget. I chose to fix up a room for my youngest little guy, LL, that had previously been shared by two of my older boys. Because he was able to stay in his current room for the duration that I was fixing up the other, I thought it'd be that much better to surprise him by putting him in his new room while he was sleeping at night. That part was pretty magical. 
I reused things I already had on hand with the exception of the IKEA dresser, everything else was transformed with CIL Premium Paint. 
The walls hadn't been painted in forever. I went with a shade called White on White. I love it.
The dresser, an IKEA hack (previous post) was painted in Surreal Blue in a satin finish.
I then did a coat of a colour called Intercoastal, also in a satin finish, on a mirror that had previously been bright red. I'm so happy with this shade of grey.
Intercoastal looked so amazing on the one side of the room that I decided to paint out some shadow box frames on the opposite side above LL's day bed.
 I was amazed all along at the quality of CIL premium. The built-in primer cut out the need to do multiple coats. Also, I already scuffed the wall and was amazed at how scrubbable and therefore practical this formula is for a child's room. There was virtually no odour and the paint formula has no VOCs so I don't need to feel like I'm moving him in to a room that's off gassing. It's safe and fume free. 
So there you have it for my reveal. I'm truly so pleased at the outcome and grateful to CIL Paints for including me in this challenge. Don't forget to check out Lisa Canning and Poppytalk's reveals too. 

How to enter for the grand prize

In the meantime here's your reminder to enter CIL’s Beauty on a Small Budget contest. Someone in Canada is going to win a 2hr design consult and 5k worth of gift cards to The Home Depot to put towards a home refresh. It might as well be you. All you have to do is tackle a paint project, big or small, before Nov 29th. Post the finished image on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with your CIL Premium Paint can in the image and hashtag #CILPremiumBeauty. Winner will be selected at random. 

Full contest details can be found here!



Beauty on a Small Budget | DIY Ikea Hack

It's been an exciting week around here. First things first- Huge Congrats to Christopher Victor! You won the $250 gift card to The Home Depot. Please email me your address so that I can send out your card. Everyone else... don't be sad if you didn't win yet because I'll share how you to can get your hands on a $250 Home Depot gift card below for your CIL Premium project.

As for my Beauty on a Small Budget challenge, here's an update.... There's been lot's going on in the surprise room for LL. I needed to find something for between the beds and I didn't want to spend much. Cue the ubiquitous Ikea hack. I was determined to make it a good one.   
Thanks so much to everyone who gave their input on which grey they liked in my last post. I ended up going with CIL Paints Surreal Blue because it was slightly lighter and worked better with the overdye area rug I found.  The hack was simple. I painted the individual dresser pieces with CIL Premium Paint Surreal Blue in a satin finish with a foam roller. Applying multiple thin coats with a light sanding between seems to work best for furniture because you want to give the impression of a lacquer finish. The other thing to keep in mind is that you need to do something with the legs and hardware. These three steps together take this dresser from simple pine to custom.  
Supplies Needed:

Ikea Tarva Dresser
CIL Premium Paint
Hardware and Screws
Foam Roller and Tray
Necessary tools to cut legs and assemble dresser after painting (Saw, Screwdriver, Hammer)
I'm thrilled with how it turned out. To take things a step farther I painted the drawer insides as well and lined them with some faux bois wrapping paper I had. I will be painting the trim in this room over the next two days and then pulling together the rest of the details. So exciting! Stay tuned for a full room reveal very soon.

I'm also going to be announcing a final giveaway on Instagram Wednesday, Oct 28- a $250 gift card to The Home Depot to get you started on your CIL Premium project. For those of you who've already started, I can't wait to see your finished projects. I've been so impressed with the images that have started showing up on social media. Don't forget to tag #CILPremiumBeauty in your images when you post and please include your CIL Premium paint can!


Beauty on a Small Budget Update

Hi there! Since my last post there have been giveaways on Twitter and Instagram. Congrats to the three people who won a $100 gift card to The Home Depot, and big congrats to Tina Pelletier, who won the $250 gift card. There's another one being given away in this post so keep reading!
An update on my #CILPremiumBeauty project:
I picked out 'White on White' for the walls in CIL Premium's flat scrubbable finish, and a little designer secret... I used the same colour for the trim in a satin finish- this makes cutting in easier and any minor imperfections less noticeable. 
The walls needed a tiny bit of patching. Once the room was ready to go, I enlisted the help of my family and turned it in to a fun project. We ordered pizza and got the walls done in record time. Everyone was excited to pitch in and help transform this new secret room for LL. He still has no clue what's going on with the space and I've decided that I'll likely move him in while he's sound asleep in a week or two when the room is completely finished. 
For my next project with CIL Premium, I'll be painting an unfinished wood dresser to go between the beds. I've had some old marine cleats in the design office forever – they'd been suggested for a client some time back and forgotten in the hardware sample drawer. I figured now was the time to use them! They'll look great in LL's room. 
I just need to decide between the two colours above for the dresser! 

Option one- Chiseled Grey 
Option two- Surreal Blue

I mentioned I'm giving away another $250 gift card to The Home Depot to get you started on your CIL Paint project. 

To be eligible you must: 
1. Comment on this post with which colour you think I should go with- Chiseled Grey or Surreal Blue. 
2. In your comment tell me about the progress on your CIL Premium paint project. 
3. Copy the blog link ( http://www.moth-design.com/2015/10/beauty-on-small-budget-update.html ) and tweet for an extra entry + tag @ecmothdesign #CILPremiumBeauty and your choice option one or two. 

Entry is open to Canadian residents only until 11:59 p.m. on Oct 24th. Winner will be selected at random and announced on the blog on Oct. 25th.
Good luck friends! xo


CIL Premium Paint | Beauty on a Small Budget Challenge

As fall sets in and we spend more time indoors we all seem to want to spruce up the spaces we live in. Every year, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, I'm aware that the holidays and visitors are just around the corner and I feel that urge to address home projects. Everyone I know tries to cram in some sort of small update before the bustle of winter calendars are upon us.
Often times when we embark upon redo projects in our homes we complicate them with too many lofty ideas or impossible budgets and they fail to ever reach completion. The truth is that sometimes a simple coat of paint is all that is needed to transform a space, not to mention that painting is budget friendly and manageable from a time perspective.
There are several areas that need to be addressed in my home but the one that perhaps will be closest to my heart, and that I'd like to tackle first, is a new "big boy room" for my youngest little one.
Shhhhh... he doesn't know it yet, but as a surprise I'll be moving him into a bigger bedroom.
The room was previously shared by two of my older boys before they left for school, and it hasn't been painted in years. I'll be reusing their furniture and transforming the space with CIL Premium Paint and a few other minor details. 
I'm a fan of CIL paint products because they were one of the first brands to remove harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), the paint is virtually odorless, easy to apply, scrubbable and is currently only $29 a can for their premium paint-primer combo in any sheen. Yes!
To kick off this project I'm excited to share that I'll be one of four Canadian Designers partnered with CIL Paint to tackle a space in our homes. It's called the Beauty on a Small Budget Challenge. All of us will be using CIL premium paint and will be posting regular updates. Use the hashtag #CILPremiumBeauty to follow the progress of my paint project and share your own paint redesign journey with me as well!

We'd love you to join in and tackle a space in your home too... join the conversation using #CILPremiumBeauty – choose a colour, ask design questions, and plan your paint project. Then, simply upload a photo of your completed space on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the can of CIL Premium paint you used and the #CILPremiumBeauty hashtag and you’ll be entered into the Beauty on a Small Budget contest!

For the grand prize, CIL Paint will pick one lucky winner who used CIL Premium to tackle a space in their home and posted it online to win a two-hour design consultation with the partnered designer from their region PLUS a $5,000 Home Depot gift card to put towards a home makeover!

In addition to all of this, to get you started I will be giving away a $250 Home Depot gift card so you too can pick up some CIL premium and get started! See below for entry details.
Ok here are the official contest details:

Grand Prize: 
The Beauty on a Small Budget contest begins October 13, 2015 and runs until November 29, 2015. 

Participants can enter this contest via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook by posting a photo of their finished paint project with their can of CIL Premium paint and using the dedicated hashtag, #CILPremiumBeauty. 

One entry is allowed per project, therefore if one person does more than one project they are eligible to enter more than once by posting the next project and using the #CILPremiumBeauty hashtag.
Once the contests close winners will be chosen via random draw.

The grand prize will consist of a two-hour in home design consultation by a designer from the program and $5,000 in Home Depot gift cards.

CIL Premium paint can be purchased exclusively at The Home Depot and costs just $29 for a 3.78 L can, offering competitive market value for a quality product.

Detailed contest rules here 

How to enter for the $250 Home Depot gift card to get your CIL Premium paint project started

To enter to win a $250 Home Depot gift card, simply share what CIL Premium paint project you'll complete using the hashtag #CILPremiumBeauty on Twitter tagging @ecmothdesign with a link back to this blog post. Entry open until Wednesday, October 19th, 2015 at 11:59pm, and I'll announce a winner on my blog on October 20th, 2015! Contest is open to Canadian residents. Recipient will be selected at random and gift card will be delivered via courier to the winner.

So go start dreaming up your Beauty on a Small Budget challenge project and good luck!

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