Adding Glamour To Your Boudoir Blog Hop

Hello friends. So I've joined in with some lovely ladies, whom all have gorgeous blogs, to share how we create functional yet beautiful boudoir areas. If you've come over from my lovely friend Summer at She Leaves A Little Sparkle and you're new to MOTH Design, thank you so much for joining me. I'm touched by this wonderful group of ladies and their gorgeous blogs.

There's something so incredibly enjoyable about displaying the things you use everyday in a beautiful way. When it comes to our personal spaces in our homes we often overlook styling the more private areas that visitors don't see. However, putting some extra effort into organizing the things we use everyday can turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

My closets were shared with Stye At Home in their designer secrets issue not too long ago. When I put these spaces together I divided them by a bright closet and a black and white one to create two striking dynamic spaces. Here is a side by side.
I found it easier to sort all wardrobe items out by colour rather and I loved the striking visual it created. 
I've used pretty little crystal candy dishes and antique silver trays to show off and contain perfumes and jewelry. Another trick, I've always liked to use items for purposes other than they were intended when it comes to display. For instance, I keep my watch straps in an old candle jar. It's pretty and practical at the same time by making use of something that would otherwise be garbage. 
All of these looks are of course anchored by a bright white backdrop on both my walls and the inside of the closets. (Closet Interior components all Pax Wardrobe from Ikea) 
Little square lucite organizing trays keep belts and other goodies in their place and quick to find. 
all images via Style At Home, taken by Tracey Ayton
For more tips on how I created these spaces or to see the original Style At Home article visit- (here)

I've been so impressed at how all of the other ladies in this blog hop have approached the design of their spaces. So many pretty things to see. Please be sure to go see sweet friend Yuni's gorgeous space at Love Your Abode next. Thanks again for joining me! xo Erica


Of Note | CanIFFF

So there's been a tremendous amount of buzz around the first annual Canadian International Fashion Film Fest taking place here in Calgary, July 22-23. I was so impressed at the media launch with how well executed and interesting this event will be. High profile Fashion Film artists are flying in from around the world to exhibit their work. The sneak peek we had at the launch was intoxicating... great music, amazing graphic moving short films and of course beautiful fashion.
This event promises to be fun with two days of screening time and two amazing afterparties. See for yourself, but hurry tickets have sold quickly and there are less than 100 tickets left now (reserve yours here).  I for one will be there and can't wait to see you. xo
Amor Fati by Quentin Caffier


The Art Of Picnicking

Summer is officially here. One of my favourite things to do is plan a picnic and make an afternoon of it. Whether it's a large gathering of family and friends or a more intimate date with the one you love, it's nice to pick a spot and spend some time outside. With the right essentials there's no limit to the approach or style of the picnic. It's just as easy to plan a brunch outing or a romantic evening spread for two. Here are the essentials you'll need to plan the perfect picnic.

1. The basket:
There are many options. Ones that come fully loaded mean you wash up after, but they're a good investment because they can be used and reused.
2. A blanket:
This sets the stage and if you're as into making things pretty as I am you want to pick out something that represents your style. I love this black and white gingham one. It packs easily with a carrying handle and has a water resistant backing.

3. SPF:
Of course I try and pick a spot with some shade but UV rays will still find you. I love this celazome slow release spf from XO Treatment Room. (here)

4. Bug Repellent:
This natural product by Saje keeps the bugs away and is completely safe to apply and reapply. (here)

5. The perfect sun hat:
Need I say more. This one has been a sell out hit across the country.

6. Food:
If you're not necessarily wanting to prepare food yourself inquire if your favourite restaurant will pack up the items you love most on their menu. I'm loving UNA's new takeaway on 17th Ave. (here)


Of Note: If you're in the Calgary area and looking for a full service basket you can pick up a pre made one from River Cafe. They offer the most amazing selection. With 24 hrs notice they'll pack a delicious array of goods for $32 per person. Enjoy your picnic and just return the basket later. No prep or fuss, and another serious bonus, all their food packaging is compostable. Order online (here) or call (403) 261-7670 

Shop The Post:


  1. If it rains the day of or day before, don't forget to bring a vinyl tablecloth to put under your blanket to keep you dry if it doesn't have a waterproof backing. You can find them at the dollar store. 
  2. Bring a kitchen garbage bag to pack dirty dishes in.
  3. If bringing wine try to go with a screw top or pop a bottle opener in your basket. 
  4. Wet wipes are a nice touch to clean up after. 
Enjoy! xo Erica


Family Room Fabulous | Planning 01

I'd shared a couple of posts back (here) that much of my home needs updating, and more specifically I've started with my family room because we use it most.
I'm getting started this week and thought I'd fill you in on my plans. The staple elements that must stay are the two Ikea sofas, Karlstad, in leather. They wear wonderfully and are easy to wipe down. I'll keep the corner table and probably the ottoman as well. I'd love to do a new coffee table... something with a distressed wood base and a marble top but the comfort of being able to put your feet up wins out. I still love the light fixture but I'm open to moving it to another room and getting something new for this space. The last element is a moroccan shag area rug that's currently in my master bedroom. I think I'll move it into this space too.
Here's what the room used to look like before a shoot I did with Style at Home Mag. (photo courtesy of Tracey Ayton)
Elements I have for the space:
Tips for decorating a family friendly space:
  1. Specify finishes that are easy to clean. Leather, wood and washable fabrics are less likely to show wear. Glass tables mean endless fingerprints. Natural wood finishes hide dents and scratches much better than finished wood. 
  2. Keep the breakables to a minimum. I want my boys to feel comfortable in this space while still being respectful. So I've kept the really fragile items to a more formal living room area. 
  3. Give everyone a space to stash their things. Whether it be a lidded basket or a table with drawers rather than just a shelf. It enables us to keep clutter in it's place.
  4. Keep comfort in mind when selecting furniture. We often select furniture for our relaxed spaces that is anything but. A sofa that suits the way you'll use a space is an important consideration. An upholstered ottoman is inviting to put your feet up. Having a side table provides a space to set down drinks and snacks. Keeping a sturdy tray on the ottoman will provide a second space to set things down as well. 

I'll post more updates as they happen. Thanks as always for joining me. xo


Beauty Secrets Revealed

It's been said that we should always put our best foot forward... but truth be told we all want to put our best face forward as well. We all want to look young and fresh with healthy hydrated skin, but without guidance it's not always easy to achieve that.
I'm lucky to have found XO Treatment room. People are constantly asking me what my secret is... it's regular visits to Annie and the rest of the XO crew. I feel like I've never looked better.

Annie's mantra is to approach skin care with consistency and regular maintenance rather than desperate measures when it's too late. I'd have to agree with her. Since following her suggestions I'm happier than I've ever been with my complexion.

Four things I've implemented to achieve beautiful skin:

1. Skin Care Consult- I went in and saw Annie, XO's lead skin care expert. She helped by tailoring a very edited daily skin care regime. I had been going through multiple steps prior and spending a fortune on products that weren't benefitting me or my skin type. I'm now using the new Kat Rudu line. XO treatment room is the first and only skin care spa in Canada to carry this celeb cult, cruelty free, plant based, vegan skin care line. I love it and I've noticed differences in the texture and evenness of my skin tone. Plus it smells amazing.... like fruit, lazy sundays and unicorns.
2. I've been getting facials once every 4-8 weeks. The girls at XO suggest what to book based on what they feel with benefit me most at the time. I love receiving tailored care based on my needs.
3. I decided to have XO's Titan Up done. It's a non invasive skin tightening treatment that achieves astounding results with literally zero down time. For the treatment a wand is used over the face to conduct deep thermal heating of the dermal layer to stimulate collagen growth and tighten the skin. Maximum results show in 4-6 weeks.
4. My last item I cannot live without is the Marine Collagen supplement. Drastic results with this stuff as it strengthens nails, thickens hair and most importantly stimulates new collagen growth in skin.
Check out XO Treatment Room for yourself (here).
This post was sponsored by XO Treatment Room. All opinions, enthusiasm and gratitude is completely my own. I genuinely have loved every experience at XO.


Around Here | Family Room Update

Have you ever hit a home decor road block? The kind where you just don't bother to decorate at all? My family room and living room were used for a few different shoots last fall and sadly once dismantled were never put back together. I'm tired of looking at bare walls and sofas... but on the bright side, carte blanche is the best launching point.
I'll be updating my family room, sharing inspiration and a reveal over the next little while as I pull together a new look for this space on a budget. (See what it used to look like here) I'm going to try and shop my home and repurpose things but I might need to order a thing or two. I'll be pinning up a storm here. Follow along and give me your two cents.
So my inspiration doesn't veer far from what I always seem to do... white with tone on tone, taupe and grey with some black and metallic accents. It's ok to always love the same things. The space needs to remain family friendly. I'm not one to have a precious space that my boys can't actually use. Here's a peek at the current state of the space.

I will be keeping all of the furniture pieces and am contemplating a new light fixture but the truth is I still love the current one. I will need an area rug so the sofas stop slipping around. I'll make some decisions about these things in the next post and will share what I have on hand. Happy Memorial Day weekend American friends. xo


Peony Season

I think every single girl I know feels a sense of joy when peony season arrives. One of my favourite things to do is to pick up fresh flowers for myself on Friday afternoons. I was delighted to receive a surprise delivery of the most magnificent white peonies from Couture La Fleur this last friday.
I admired them all weekend, moving them around the house to my heart's content and was impressed that on day 4 they still look as fresh. I can't begin to tell how amazing they smell. They've delicately scented the whole main level. I love how all the icky stem stuff is hidden in that pretty hat box too.
Couture La Fleur also has the loveliest selection of roses. I already have my eye on a beautiful bouquet of pink ombre roses once peony season is over. But in the meantime I can't get enough of peonies... maybe I'll order myself some pink ones next!
Check out their selection under the shop tab on their site. Pssst- peonies are listed as 'feature floral'. Thanks Couture La Fleur. I love them. 

Sponsored by Couture La Fleur. Styling and opinions my own. 
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