The Art of Display | Copper Kitchen Accents

It's true that the rose gold and copper accent trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I believe that as our access to different things online grows so does the longevity of trends and finishes. I lovingly remember Ray Staples, a designer out of Toronto exclaiming that we could mix woods in interiors because "all the trees in the forest get along". I feel the same about mixing metals. I love how copper adds a glimmer of warmth to marble and cool metal tones, it looks incredibly distinguished with black and is so pretty against white.
I've done a serious round up of all of the best rose gold/copper accents and have included ways in which to incorporate them in your home. The great thing is that you don't necessarily need to invest a lot to get the desired look. Pick and choose your accents and layer in as much or as little as you like. There is no wrong look when it comes to adding.
In my kitchen I've had measuring spoons and cups, knives, candles and a bud vase for some time now. I haven't tired of them so I recently added new cooking/serving utensils a bodum coffee maker (which I loooove) and several other goodies.

In the lower image I deliberately went with split height salt and pepper mills. This way the pepper creates more of a focal point and visual interest. The rose gold knife block has been a favourite addition given it's functionality and beauty. I get so many compliments on them. 

I love using trays as a foundation to items on counter display. They ground things and make them appear less busy. They're also a practical choice for cleanup.

This copper Bodum was a splurge purchase last weekend. I love indulging in ways to make the mundane a little more appealing. My regular plug in coffee maker is anything but pretty but this whole set up is making mornings that much more enjoyable. 
Below I've included several more copper accents. Many of them are on my wish list. 
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Getting Personal : An Update

It's true that my blog posting over the last little while had a pocket in which I spoke much less about myself, my family and my private life. It was brought to my attention via a couple reader emails and on social media that some of you were wondering about how my personal life has changed over the last few years. I think many of you liked updates with regards to me being a single mom running a household with 5 boys. I started blogging in 2009 and my boys were all much younger (LL was just a baby). The truth is much has changed and I thought maybe it's time to share that.
My eldest three boys are all living on their own now and pursuing their dreams via music, school and work. I'm very proud. My youngest two boys, Ethan and LL are still at home with me and let's not forget our family dog, Molly who constantly keeps us entertained with her bizzare antics.
I have a boyfriend, Luke. I've been seeing him for over two years now and love that he makes me laugh every day. It's amazing how mundane tasks such as grocery shopping or preparing meals are that much more fun because we're tackling them together.
I focus less on design projects now and more on social media work and styling. I still consult on design for friends, family and past clients to keep myself fresh in that field; I also enjoy the odd project to stimulate creative ideas.
My youngest two have just returned to school. I have several campaigns I'm working on and will soon be starting out on a whole new home makeover. Everything is worn and almost every space needs some form of updating. I've already started planning for this and can't wait to share these exciting changes with you.
photo Jamie Hyatt
For those of you who wondered, thank you for reaching out and thank you for following along with me since the beginning! I hope reading this will convey a more updated vision of my family life. xo Erica


A Serene Sleep Bedroom Update | Better Sleep Prize Winner

In follow up to my sleep post I thought I'd share a round up of my additional favourite bedroom space accessories. When it comes to designing our homes I've noticed time and time again that people leave their bedroom space to be the last on the list to address. We spend hours of our lives in bed so I'm always of the mind that we should really address this space first.
Beautiful accents make spending time in your bedroom that much more enjoyable. Here are some suggestions and below is the winner of the better sleep prize package too!

My Top 5 Bedroom Design Tips:
  1. Use a tray on your bedside table (like the marble one above) to corral extras. I keep scented candles here, matches and a strike, a lidded container so tiny earrings don't get lost, flowers when I have them, coasters, etc...
  2. I've become a huge fan of using a savvy sleepers satin pillow case (here). My hair and skin have never been better. 
  3. Investing in one good set of sheets is so important. I love my Serena and Lily ones (here). Investing in two good sets means you have a back up set and you're not stuck waiting on sheets to wash and dry to change them.  
  4. Keep a lidded water glass (here) on your side table. It's a little luxury to not have to get out of bed at 3am when you're thirsty or have a dry throat.
  5. The perfect bedside lighting makes all the difference, especially if you read in bed. Invest in something you love with the right proportions and you'll be thankful that you did.
The winner for the giveaway was comment 30 out of 42, belonging to Alanna Dunn.  Congratulations Alanna. Look out for an email from me. I read each and every comment and was delighted that so many of you liked my tips... especially the emergency bedside kit.
Hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday on this lovely long weekend. xo Erica
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Family Room Fabulous | Planning 02

As summer comes to an end I've found myself so focused on projects outside that I've had little time to work on anything inside. As the weather starts to change I know I should start to put my focus on my family room. It gets the most use and it's going to start to feel bare. I posted it's current sad state [here] and have been pinning inspiration [here].
This is what the space looks like now...
Our original ottoman was damaged beyond repair and was never really the right size but I loved the style of it, so I ordered a very similar in the right dimensions. It arrived last week and is in the image above. So exciting! I will also need a new lamp, despite loving the old one, it doesn't work and is likely not able to be repaired. We'll see. So in the meantime I think I'll pick something out just in case.
Now I just need to work on the rest of the accessories and soft touches. I might even paint a new canvas for the space. 
Here are some of the things I already have and/or am considering ordering for the space. I think it all works together quite nicely. Now I just need to make some decisions and get ordering. 

PS- if you haven't already commented on the last post please go and let me know which tip you'd like to get a better night's sleep. I'll be drawing names tomorrow for a winner of the post giveaway. Good luck!


How To Get Your Best Night's Sleep + A Giveaway

It seems we all struggle more with getting a good night's sleep. It's the one complaint I hear from clients repeatedly. In a society where we're bombarded with stimulation, social media, stress, busy over scheduled lives, etc, it's harder and harder to unwind.
The odd thing is that we overlook addressing bedroom design in favour of tackling the more public areas in our homes. Often times people will have a completely polished formal living room and only entertain several times a year but the room they sleep in every night is sadly lacking attention. I've been guilty of this myself. There are easy steps to a quick fix that needn't be overly expensive or time consuming.
Jillian Harris' Bedroom

Here's my sure fire, easy guide to sprucing up the space where you unwind and getting a better night's sleep plus some other simple tips that might help out too.

1. Invest in decent bedding. How many of us sleep on scratchy sheets?
2. Keep bedside clutter to a minimum. Provide yourself with a tray or lidded storage solution if your bedside doesn't have a drawer.
3. A nebulizer with essential oils helps with dry stale air and lulls you to sleep. Mist your pillow for extra sweet dreams.
4. Paint. If your room is a horrible colour that doesn't make you happy paint is the easiest and least expensive solution. The same goes for furniture if you have mismatched beside tables but would like to create a more cohesive look, painting them the same colour will create a sense of continuity.
5. Ditch the ugly t-shirt you've had for 10 yrs in favour of something comfortable AND pretty.
6. Create a bedside emergency kit. In my top drawer I have a tiny boxed water, travel sized tylenol, makeup remover face wipes, and a slew of other important things incase I don't want to get up.
7. Rountine! My friend Annie at XOtreatment room suggests following a strict self care routine every night to indicate to your mind it's time to wind down. You'll also end up with a more beautiful complexion. Steps are cleanse your face, serum/retinol application, brush teeth (while serum absorbs), moisturize face. Lights out.
8. Supplement your diet with 8 foods... almonds, bananas, brown rice, cherries, oatmeal, chickpeas, kale, and walnuts are all contenders for inducing a better night's sleep by being rich in key nutrients like potassium, GABA, calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, tryptophan, etc...
I'm hosting a giveaway so that you too can implement some of these steps. One lucky winner will receive a Saje Wellness aromabreeze nubulizer with tranquility mist and sleep well remedy. You'll also receive a Kat Rudu Hydra Cell Bright moisturizer from XOtreatmentroom and a pair of pillowcases from Rothman & Co
So how do you win? Simple! Leave a comment below telling me which tip you plan on implementing to get a better night's sleep. A winner's name will be drawn at random on Friday Sept. 2 and will be included in a new blog post. So be sure to pop back this weekend. Best of luck. xo Erica

This post was sponsored by Saje Wellness, Rothmans & Co, and XO Treatment Room. All tips, ideas and opinions are my own.


How To Pack The Best Lunch For Your Littles

For those of us who have little ones it's not long until they'll be back in school. With this comes the dreaded thought of packing lunches. Last year I discovered some easy tricks to make lunch prep a little easier on me and more enjoyable for my boys.

First, I've come to learn that doing a good job is made easier by using the right tools. For an efficient method of packing lunches invest in a few sectioned lunch boxes. Not only do they make packing a breeze, foods stay fresh and there is no wasted disposable packaging. Tip - *invest in two or more containers so that you have a back up in case one is in the dishwasher or gets left at school. Also don't forget to label with a sharpie.
Think outside of the box. Sandwiches are a staple but the possibilities for other packed lunches are endless. I've discovered finger foods paired with dips, such as hummus, tzatziki, greek yogurt ranch dressing, etc... make lunch a little more exciting. I send pita strips with an array of chopped vegetables. Don't forget to utilize dinner from the night before too. You can even send leftover meatloaf. Serve it cubed with cubed cheese and cucumber. Greek Salad wraps, hardboiled eggs, crackers and cheese with a side of red pepper strips. The sky's the limit with possibilities.

When it comes to the dessert portion of lunch I like to skip the sugary stuff and opt for something healthy. Snacks are made easy with the help of a wide range of Sunrype bars. I keep them in divided bins in a dedicated snack drawer so they're easy to grab. I pack the lunches and allow my boys to pick out 3 or 4 bars to throw in their bag. I like that these bars are all nut free, gluten free and vegan plus they're packed with lots of other healthy nutrients. I also like knowing that if they don't make it all the way through their lunch while seated inside, that the pre wrapped bars can go outside on the playground with them. Extra bars mean they have something at both recesses or after school on the way home if they're hungry. 

Routine... At the end of the day we have the habit that everyone unpacks the lunch box from the day and puts it in the sink. After all, no one likes to discover a mouldy surprise a few days after it's prime.
This post was sponsored by Sunrype. Tips, ideas and opinions are my own.
I hope this helps. Happy lunching!
xo Erica


Adding Glamour To Your Boudoir Blog Hop

Hello friends. So I've joined in with some lovely ladies, whom all have gorgeous blogs, to share how we create functional yet beautiful boudoir areas. If you've come over from my lovely friend Summer at She Leaves A Little Sparkle and you're new to MOTH Design, thank you so much for joining me. I'm touched by this wonderful group of ladies and their gorgeous blogs.

There's something so incredibly enjoyable about displaying the things you use everyday in a beautiful way. When it comes to our personal spaces in our homes we often overlook styling the more private areas that visitors don't see. However, putting some extra effort into organizing the things we use everyday can turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

My closets were shared with Stye At Home in their designer secrets issue not too long ago. When I put these spaces together I divided them by a bright closet and a black and white one to create two striking dynamic spaces. Here is a side by side.
I found it easier to sort all wardrobe items out by colour rather and I loved the striking visual it created. 
I've used pretty little crystal candy dishes and antique silver trays to show off and contain perfumes and jewelry. Another trick, I've always liked to use items for purposes other than they were intended when it comes to display. For instance, I keep my watch straps in an old candle jar. It's pretty and practical at the same time by making use of something that would otherwise be garbage. 
All of these looks are of course anchored by a bright white backdrop on both my walls and the inside of the closets. (Closet Interior components all Pax Wardrobe from Ikea) 
Little square lucite organizing trays keep belts and other goodies in their place and quick to find. 
all images via Style At Home, taken by Tracey Ayton
For more tips on how I created these spaces or to see the original Style At Home article visit- (here)

I've been so impressed at how all of the other ladies in this blog hop have approached the design of their spaces. So many pretty things to see. Please be sure to go see sweet friend Yuni's gorgeous space at Love Your Abode next. Thanks again for joining me! xo Erica

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