Easter Table//Two Looks

Hello friends!
Today I'm working on my Easter table decor using a tiered bunny centerpiece from Pottery Barn as the focal point.
Truth is I love special occasion brunches much more than dinners. Brunch just always seems more relaxed. To keep things stress free I like to do a 'dry run' table setting so that I'm not rushed at the last minute and can focus on meal prep and spending time with guests. This year I'm hosting both brunch and dinner so I needed to come up with two looks.
I love using a tiered centerpiece as it adds some height and visual interest without completely blocking site lines across the table. Here is my brunch look:
For my dinner guests I wanted to create a more formal look. I drew upon stuff I had on hand, primarily a mixed metals + black and white palette and incorporated some egg art that the boys helped me with. I plan on stuffing some sort of finger foods in and around the eggs on the tiered stand. 
Now on to party planning for my youngest little man. I cannot believe he will be six tomorrow! I need to do a little research to see what I might make for my Easter guests. Do you have any favourite dishes you serve when company is coming? 


The IG Post That Went Viral

SO, it's hump day and we're likely all celebrating Friday being closer, but I'm also celebrating my little instagram post that went viral. It feels like half of the world has loved and reposted it AND it's full on wildfire has resulted in me being locked out of functions on my own instagram account. I've been saying this for years, I wonder if some of my design school friends would remember, my boys certainly do. Anyways this is how it all went down. I posted the gram below because I'm always hoping this kind of stuff will make someone happy. Then....
I'm going about my business posting happy positive things because that's just what I love to do. 
After all, for those of you who might have forgotten, MOTH stands for Making Others Truly Happy. 
A bunch of lovely people who follow me @ecmothdesign reposted and someone tagged me and shared that.... 

Kelly Rutherford had reposted (here). Yes, I cannot even tell you how much I love and admire her... 

Wait, contain the love Erica, 
then Estelle. Ya, you read right ESTELLE! Another strong amazing woman. (here

Oh wait, wait for it... Then Swizz Beatz. Um....holy  A W E S O M E! (here)

And then as if my mind wasn't already completely blown... Twitch too! (here)

The way my mind works those are my 6 degrees to the epicenter of postive- ELLEN and The Ellen Show because I'm pretty sure she'd dig this too. 
And most important I'm happiest that someone who needed the encouragement might have come across this at the right time given the platform was broadened. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxo


Things I Dig Thursday

What I'm loving right now...
Have you ever seen prettier matches?! I think not. Reason to light every damn candle in the place. I was delighted to receive mine this week. Via BelloPop on Etsy. 
via bellopop
I was intrigued by the hype over Old Navy's new pixie pant so I ordered them online. They arrived in the mail yesterday, just in time to wear them out, with some booties (it's still snowy here) for a fun dinner with my girls last night. I love them. Now everyone wants a pair.
image credit a little dash of darling
official trailer here
If you're a Wes Anderson fan The Grand Budapest Hotel was such a feast for the eyes. I may even go to see it twice. Also check out this fun Wes Anderson Palettes Tumblr. 
It's almost the weekend friends! xo


Demijohn Lamp Tutorial

Hey yo! It's Friday. If you know anything about me it's that I'm a lamp lover. I truly love lamp.
I'm also a bargain, pretty on the cheap, lover. I recently found a great demijohn at Target and decided that to turn it into a lamp would pretty much be amazing. It turned out so well, was easy, quick, inexpensive to make, and looks great, if I do say so myself. I couldn't wait to share. Go ahead and make one... you'll be so happy you did.
(ps- if DIY is beyond your patience or interest there's a link below for basically the exact same lamp)
Here's what you'll need:
  1. Demijohn 
  2. Clear Electrical Cording
  3. Bottle Wiring Kit 
  4. Oversized Washer Compatible with Bottle Mouth Dimension
  5. 8" Harp and Finial
  6. Lampshade (mine is 11"Tall x 17" base diameter)

Ok. Set? Here are the steps to assemble your new lamp:
  1. Take cord out of package and using take a minute to pull the cord straight, releasing any of the packaging kinks out of the plastic so that your cord hangs nice and straight behind the bottle. 
  2. Wire socket and put it back together. 
  3. Assemble. Put threaded rod in to socket base, put harp base on threaded rod and tighten washer under that. (I sprayed the oversized silver washer gold)
  4. Glue assembly to the opening of the bottle with clear silicone. Before you set the socket assembly in the glue ensure that the seams in the glass are at the sides or back rather than down the front. Also make sure the cord is running down the back and the actual lamp control is at the front or side and easy to reach.
  5. Leave silicone to set and cure at least 8 hrs or as per instructions on the glue type you use.  
  6. Attach lamp shade to harp. 
  7. Plug in, turn on, stand back and admire that hottie of a lamp you made.
Shop It: 


Of Note

Today goop launched a collection of Peter Dunham cushion covers. There are six textiles in all, one being exclusive to the site and another being his iconic fig leaf.
 They vary in size, which is entirely refreshing when ordering pre made, and come with a down insert- also a bonus. I'm kind of digging them all. Order yours here. Which ones do you like? 

ps- tomorrow is Friday! xo


Homemade Ketchup//02

Not too long ago I started making small batches of my own homemade ketchup. Mostly for health reasons. The store-bought variety is so ridiculously full of high fructose corn syrup. Not to impose any of my dietary beliefs on anyone here, but if I'm going to give my kids sugar, I'd rather join them with a cupcake or something of the like… not have it hiding in a condiment. I’ve played with several recipes, this latest one has an apple as it's secret ingredient, and my boys have loved it on smoked gouda grilled cheese sandwiches, with homemade olive oil roasted potato wedges, etc


Good Stuff

For those of you who may not know, I have a blog dedicated entirely to children's design called little moth. In my return to blogging I noticed that the last post on little moth was so popular it's had over 10000 views and with a smaller audience there, that's really something.
Given this overwhelming interest I'm sharing it here on Moth Design, just in case you love it too.
It's pretty simple. To create a framed collection to pay homage to your children's art...
(originally pinned from the lovely Danielle Hardy)
  1. Scan art
  2. Shrink scan
  3. Print
  4. Frame
Hope you enjoy this! I need to do my own little guy's creations asap. Happy Monday. xo

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